Goose Bet Has The Biggest Level Up Bonus Out Of Any Gambling Sites!

Goose Bet Has The Biggest Level Up Bonus Out Of Any Gambling Sites!

Goose Bet has the biggest level up bonuses out of any gambling site i have come across so far, up to a massive 6 BTC or 3 million TRX!


Goose Bet is an awesome looking gambling platform and today while looking at the level up bonuses i noticed how massive the top levels are, up to 6 full bitcoins if you hit the top levels using bitcoin, or 3 million TRX if you can make it to rank 20 while gambling with tron coins.

There are 4 different level up bonuses available, one for each of the different coins you can gamble in - Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum and Tether, giving you 4 different level bonuses to compete for.



If we take a look at the bitcoin rewards, it's a massive 10 BTC as you progress through the levels, with a reward of 6 BTC awaiting those who can make it all the way up to level 10.

Now this might be unachievable for most, although whale gamblers who spend large amounts will find these rewards tempting, and with the gamble driven mining and hourly rewards for being the top gambler the cash back awards on this bitcoin gambling site are huge compared with most sites.

For users who like to bet in USDT, there is a massive award of $60,000 USD if you can make it to level 10, although i can't imagine how much you need to turn over to get to this level, millions i would imagine.



The tron rewards are a massive 3 million TRX if you can make it up to level 10, if your using the auto bet to play dice or crash this can really add up over time and it's possible to get some good payouts simply by betting over and over.

The ETH awards are around the same at $60,000 USD for hitting the top level 10, a handy 300 ETH. Even hitting level 5 will get you 4 ETH altough it will take some time but these level up awards are the highest in the industry and if you can hit some of these levels without losing you could end up winning yourself some good amounts of free crypto.



Goose Bet has it's own token which allow you to get a share of the websites daily profit, if you hold the goose bet tokens in your account wallet you will receive a daily payment of bitcoin, tron, ethereum and tether which is available to withdraw instantly.



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