Faucet Pay Instant Coin Swap - Easiest And Cheapest Way To Trade Coins

Faucet Pay Instant Coin Swap - Easiest And Cheapest Way To Trade Coins

Faucet Pay is a popular micro wallet and payment system, the instant coin swap is one of the easiest and cheapest way to trade coins.


Faucet Pay powers thousands of faucet websites and offers some of the best payment tools to accept instant payments online, in this short video i wanted to show everyone how i trade coins using the instant coin swap feature.

This is my favorite way of swapping coins, the fee's are virtually zero, it's instant and you can swap between bitcoin, tron, ethereum, doge, bitcoin cash, digibyte, litecoin, dash, trc20 tether and feyora - Faucet Pays own token.

This short 30 second video will show you exactly how easy it is to exchange between two different coins.

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