Bet Fury - The Highest Paying Cashback & Rakeback System

Bet Fury - The Highest Paying Cashback & Rakeback System

Bet Fury has the highest paying cashback & rakeback system out of any of the bitcoin gambling websites and in this article i wanted to show you whale gamblers why you should be gambling on this platform.


Bet Fury has been online for 1 year now and has fast become one of the most popular bitcoin gambling websites - and the main reason for this is the cash back system along with the BFG tokens that give you a share of the websites daily profits.

Once you reach the top levels of bet fury you can receive 25% cashback, paid out every 3 days.

On top of this, each time you turn over a bet you will receive BFG tokens, and these tokens give you a share of the daily profit generated on the site.

For those big whale gamblers out there, if your often gambling or play professionally you would probably turn over massive amounts of bitcoin every month and not receive anything in return.

With Bet Fury every bet you turn over you will receive BFG tokens and daily cash back for life.

For example, if you had 1 million tokens you would receive 0.13 BTC per month in cashback and that's without even gambling any more, it's a share of the sites daily profits.



Then if we look at the ranking system - If you can turn over 10,000 bitcoins in wagering you will get 25% cashback on top of the dividend payments, so even when you lose you end up with lots of your money back and this means you can turn over many more bets and generate those BFG tokens.



Bet Fury has one of the best looking gambling sites i have seen, the system works really well and the site has an amazing collection of games from all of the top tier providers along with a number of unique in house games.

If your a professional gambler and have not used bet fury before i would suggest you try out the site and come have a chat to the community you will find this platform to be one of the best and with the massive cash backs and daily dividends you nearly can't lose on this site and will always have free gambling credits to play with.



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