A Quick And Easy Guide On Loopring

Most of you will have noticed by now that loopring is a new token that has been added to Publish0x.. so i thought i would take a quick look at what this project is!


There are many long articles explaining the system.. today i just wanted to show you the meat and gravy in a simple and short format.

Loopring token operates a new network of decentralized exchanges.

Loopring allows users to earn profit from all of the different exchanges running the loopring exchange system, automatically and anonymously.

Using this technology, anyone will easily be able to created a decentralized exchange.. and these decentralized exchanges are totally anonymous and have no governing body, even the owners of the exchange do not have access to your private keys.. only you do.


Decentralized exchanges are the most secure and many people see them being the future of all crypto trading.

If the loopring technology becomes widely adopted and thousands of exchanges are running this system, the earning potential of holding LRC tokens could be very high indeed.

LRC tokens have been added to Binance, Okex, HitBTC and around 30 or more big cryptocurrency exchanges, and of course they have just been added to Publish0x!

Dividend paying tokens are my personal favorite and ill be holding onto these ones for a while.

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