Crypto Industry Needs Frens

Bienvenidos mis ositos, tu siempre eres mis queridos! (Welcome back little bears you are always my dears!)

Crypto can be a lonely place especially when it’s going down!

Troll’s Granny: Did someone say going down?

Panda: Calm down! I wasn’t talking about getting down and dirty!

Troll’s Granny: You OWE me some frens with benefits time!

Panda: Not now, I’m still writing a blog post for my Publish0x frens!

Troll’s Granny: Well maybe THIS will change your mind!


Panda: You drive a HARD bargain! But we gotta make it quick my readers are waiting!

Troll’s Granny: OOOH Panda! Panda?!?


Troll’s Granny: Did you finish already?!?

Panda: I warned you we had to make it quick!

Troll’s Granny: Sigh…I wasn’t expecting it to be THAT quick

Publsh0x Troll: Haha! Panda doesn’t last long!

You know what also doesn’t last long?

Crypto pumps.

Crypto prices have recovered nicely since the beginning of the year but then it flatlined for a bit. Now they have started to droop.

This has demoralized the crypto faithful (including this fat panda).

How long will this nonsense last?

My guess is that we’ll barely keep our heads above water until the Bitcoin halving in April 2024.


The Scumbag Excrement Commission is at it again!

I just knew they were going to delay a Bitcoin spot ETF approval.


A delay in a Bitcoin spot ETF can lop off thousands in value.

This is unacceptable!

There are still CeFi trials that are still awaiting resolutions. Depending on how the judgements will be distributed, we could see more downdrafts.

For example will FTX victims get their money back in fiat or crypto? Right now  many frens are hurting financially and  they might choose to get their money back in fiat.

If that’s the case we could see more selling pressure in the future.

Bitcoin miners have bills to pay too! They need to sell off Bitcoin to pay their electricity costs, staff etc. Let’s hope inflation doesn’t get out of control! That could cause a negative feedback loop of selling!

Supposedly there are devs that are hard at work. Maybe they’re working on something cool that will get us excited again.

Unfortunately, I’ve been scrounging for positive news in the crypto industry and have come to the conclusion that…

We need frens in high places!

We’ll even take frens in low places.

In the US we have some crypto friendly politicians and we have some presidential candidates. But that isn’t enough. We need someone in the White House that will be friendly to digital assets.

We also need MORE people in Congress that are crypto friendly. Maybe in the future we could see Supreme Court justices that will protect crypto!

But let’s not get too carried away just yet.

Allegedly there are people that got rich in crypto (at least according to your favorite crypto influencers).

Why aren’t these guys doing more for the space?

As far as I know Ryan Selkis seems to be the only prominent crypto influencer that’s doing stuff. You might not like his politics but at least he is doing something.

You mean to tell me we have some crypto trade association groups but not one meaningful piece of legislation that protects crypto investors?


I can’t wait for the bears to get what they deserve!!! (present company excluded of course Pandas are too cute to kill)


I suppose in the future we’ll see some positive change in the crypto industry eventually.

Until it happens keep an eye on your crypto frens and give them a hug.


Obviously none of this is formal financial or tax advice. You need to find qualified professionals in your jurisdiction.

Be sharp, stay hungry let’s get that money!

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