How To Make 100X Returns

How To 100X Your Net Worth

Let me get straight to the point. This is how to 100X your net worth. Before we start I would like to say that this is not financial advice. Alright, let's get to business.

This strategy consists of 4 Steps. All of the steps are important to achieve 100X returns. Let's start.

Step 1 The first step includes putting aside a small portion of your monthly income to invest. The perfect amount varies from person to person, but I would recommend putting aside at least 5% of your monthly income. If you can't it's fine to invest what you can. Investing is a long-term game and investing any amount is good. 

Step 2 The second step is a bit hard to do, but it's worth it. Its Research. Research is very important because once you research. You will greatly make higher returns. Let me tell you why. The reason is that before investing in a project you will have a good idea if it's going to succeed or fail. That's why research is important. How to do research. The way I do research for crypto is I look at the monthly active users. What the gas fees are. Also, does the project have a strong community? There is much more to research to do than that so I will another post in the following days on how to do research. The way I do research for stocks is a bit different. Let me explain. I would look at the company and see what industry it's in. Then I will ask myself these questions. Is the industry growing? Is the company profitable? Does the company have a smart person leading it? If all of the answers are yes then I will invest in the company. Again there is lots more to research so I will make a dedicated post to it in the coming days.

Step 3 Once you've done your research it's time to actually invest in the company or coin. First I would look for a platform to trade on. I would recommend KuCoin for crypto. Click Here To Join KuCoin For stocks I would recommend E-Trade. Click Here To Join E-Trade Once you have joined a trading platform you have to make a deposit. 100 dollars should be enough for the start, but you've got to invest a small amount of your monthly income into this account.

Step 4 Once you've deposited a starting amount to your account. You have to find what to invest in. Here is where your research comes into play. From your research, you would pick the stock of coin and invest in that. Once you've done so you would hold that coin and keep on investing into it on a monthly basis. Also, I would like to mention that KuCoin has a bot that does that for you. First, you have to join Kucoin Click Here To Join KuCoin Then you have to go to the Trading tab and Select Trading Bot. Then choose DCA. This bot will invest for you on a monthly basis. That's it that's how to invest and make 100X returns. Nothing is guaranteed though. Investing is a long-term game though and will probably return positive returns in the long run.

Thanks for reading. Happy Investing. Don't forget to tip.

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How to Setup Your Investments

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