How I am going to make a Million Dollars $$$ by using my PC, Smart Phone and Crypto Currencies
Overview of all the worthwhile Crypto Currency FREE Faucets available for Mining on Mobile Phone / Device / PC / Windows

How I am going to make a Million Dollars $$$ by using my PC, Smart Phone and Crypto Currencies

Cloud Apps 4 Mobile Devices

 "Holders only need 0.01btc to be part of the 1% in 10 years time"


Here follows an overview of the projects, faucets, exchanges and various sites with useful apps for FREE BITCOIN & ALTCOIN MINING


Pi Network

I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, search your google playstore for Pi Network and use my username   CryptoZone   as your invitation code.


Welcome to TIMESTOPE!

You have just received an invitation code from user cryptozone.

Download the TIMESTOPE APP via your device google playstore and use my referral code:  cryptozone


Join Cloud Earning PHT!

Download: Cloud Earning PHT – search apps on your google playstore

Sign up Code:     garcn3vt


Welcome to BEE Network!

Get 1 free BEE when you join BEE by using my referral code:    cryptozoneza     Download by searching your google playstore for BEE Network and install the cloud mining app on your phone/device.


Midoin can be mined on your mobile.

Use this link to download the free app  or search for MIDOIN on your playstore and you will get 5x boost on you earnings when you use my username   cryptozone   as your invitation code!


Initiative Q you wouldn't want to miss this. Here is my invite link:

Use referral code   CryptoZone


Morpher Get 100MPH free along with 24/7 stock trading:


Attention! Please do not invest in any website/app which promises to multiply your money or give you a certain percentage profit daily. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST IN ANY PONZI SCHEME. EXERCISE YOUR DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE SENDING YOUR MONEY/CRYPTO TO ANYONE. We are not responsible for the content of the websites below. Proceed on your own liability.


Online Links to FREE FAUCET and GAMING sites to collect Crypto Currency today:

Sign in daily and complete tasks and activate faucet to receive coins directly into your KUCOIN account free:

Free DOGE and ZEC coins daily, claim directly to your KUCOIN account (daily gift only) complete 1 x per day (activate bonus links for higher payouts)

-PRO TIP- Collect your free daily gift, and activate the Doge&DGB&TRX Coin Wallet only for payout (set to 4hr time limit) and only complete PTC daily, Free Gift and Faucet. - Save all your auto claim points (ACP) for Happy Hour Events on the weekends to stack up faster >>>>

Hold BTC and get 4% APY, Buy TOKENS and get 1.24% Daily Dividends (take me for a ride if you win the LAMBO)

1hr Litecoin Faucet with Multiply Bets gambling to rocket boost your free coins if you are lucky enough. (google multiply betting strategy)


FREE FAUCETS, these are my current 2021 Favorite sites, in no particular order, sign up with my referral link for a 50% bonus:


These are great portals to manage several faucets at the same time:


-PRO TIP- Register & Login, click on profile, send code to your email and activate to receive a free DOGE gift (15 DOGE)


Gaming and betting sites with free faucets for free Crypto Currency for trading (Bonus Referral of 50%)

-PRO TIP-Play 60+ games on the first day and every game you play after that will get you mining power that will last 7 DAYS

-PRO TIP- Always play on auto DICE 95% with min Bet, just to mine tokens, and not to earn from dice

-PRO TIP- Play CRASH on 1.2 STOP you will miss 1 on every 8-10 games

Sign in every 24hr to receive free crypto currency here


More free coin Faucets and Airdrops:


When it comes to Microsoft Windows Apps/sites for Crypto Currency Stacking, the recommendation would be that the following measures are installed first, before commencing:

Use the BRAVE BROWSER and earn free BAT tokens while enjoying more privacy and security on the web (HODL!)

Free download of AVG anti virus (vital)

Malware protection (vital)

To secure your accounts please use Google Authenticator (vital)

Secure all your passwords in PWSAFE! (vital)

Search your browsers Extension Store for AntiMalware Bytes and AdBlock and install both. (vital)


Free leading Exchange and Trading Software 

To exchange/trade one Crypto for another, or to buy or sell at spot, 10x Margin, or 100X Futures Market make use of KUCOIN. Receiving/Deposit wallets are used to collect Crypto Currencies. 

more wallets: Free cloud mining BTC also available with Demo Account Trading and Competitions. (free coins on KYC) (complete KYC to access BTC for Learning) Free Demo Competition accounts to learn how to trade and win some Currency in the process.

Sign up and create a portfolio in CoinGecko to keep track of all your coins, how big can your bag get?, let me know in the comments below.

if the coin is on this list it is dead…

I would suggest you open a dedicated Google/Gmail Account, Open and Pin (&Bookmark) to a browser and secure all your exchange accounts well, with all the security features possible. Also please note, only BTC can be sent to a specific Deposit BTC Wallet adress, and ETH only to an ETH wallet, etc


- ATTENTION - SCAM ALERT, these sites are pure scams in my opinion, so stay away >>>>

 <<< ATTENTION - SCAM ALERT, these sites are pure scams in my opinion, so stay away



Remember the old saying: Bulls make money, Bears make money, but Pigs get slaughtered.


Learn how to mine LTC and DOGE coins on your Windows PC


Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor, and my reviews/overviews of cryptocurrencies, platforms, projects, and miners are based on my own personal experience. Everyone has different experiences. I am not affiliated with the pages in any way other than to share my referral links, and am simply writing an article about interesting application/cryptocurrency faucets I have found and am using myself. I am not recommending people to download the apps or sign up on the sites, nor recommending people to stay away. The referral code is simply there so that if you support my content and want to find out a little more about the ways that i am currently using to make Crypto Currencies on the exchange, be my guest. No investment is a guarantee. Remember, whether it is the stock market, real estate, or cryptocurrencies, only invest what you can afford to lose.


Thanks for reading this far, please leave a Like, Tip and Comment below, because it would be great to take CRYPTO TO THE MOON! 


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How to mine Crypto from your Mobile Device and PC
How to mine Crypto from your Mobile Device and PC

Crypto Currencies are the new Gold Rush for the 21st century! So, is it even possible to mine Crypto Currencies on a Mobile Device/Tablet/ Smart Phone or PC? What are your options to fill your bag for free? Could you become rich overnight (theoretically yes, so read on) is 10x this year possible from home on your mobile? YES! Crypto Currencies are currently very easy to obtain, if you follow the correct strategy, but how do you do that if there are so many scam or hacker sites. Let's find out together.

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