How to talk?! Part 3

By jezzer71 | How to make friends!? | 28 Jun 2021

This is the last post on the art of talking. Previously, we explored how to start, sustain and exit conversations. Although those were guidelines for mainly face to face conversations, they can be applied to online conversations too. 

Below are 6 tips, that I've personally discovered myself -  Some of them through the hard way.

1) Never use caps.

CAPS LOCK messages are perceived by most, to be extremely aggressive as if you were shouting at the top of your voice. So never, ever use caps. And if you accidentally do, apologise.

2) Don't joke about with insults. 

When chatting by text, one cannot see the other person's facial expressions, so we don't know if they feel offended or not. Even worse, sometimes people make a fake 'laughing' text in order to not appear rude, when deep down they could be offended. If you want to make a joke make it in real life. Also, never joke controversial topics with new friends until you find out their beliefs.

3) Be honest.

When you are messaging/talking to a new friend, it can be very easy to exaggerate things. It will get awkward if they get to know you better, as that could have been seen as arrogance.

4) Start with greeting.

E.g, hi, hello, heya, heyo etc... This is the easiest way to start a conversation, and if the person responds, they are probably free to talk.

5) Ask questions.

Questions are good to introduce subjects, and promote engagement. But don't ask too many as it might seem like an interrogation.

6) Don't type large chunks of text. 

If you are trying to explain something to a friend, explain it to them in real life if possible. In real life, when someone talks for a long time, the other can engage by nodding and reacting without disrupting the flow of the explanation. It is awkward to do this with text messages, as it can feel like you are interrupting the person texting.

[Well, this is the end of the 'how to talk' section. I will now move on to other aspects of the process. Leave a like if this was interesting. Let me know in the comments if there is any particular aspect of the friend-making process you would like to read about. Thank you]


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How to make friends!?
How to make friends!?

Friends are very useful things to have, especially when making money. Often on forums and real life, people ask me how to make friends. In this blog I will talk about my experience and strategies on making friends.

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