UniPower - an entirely new way to define Defi.

UniPower - an entirely new way to define Defi.

Of late i have been searching for that next lottery ticket, the next 10x or 20x or even 100x token. In my time in crypto i have run across a few of these and have been fortunate to get in on them early. In the past year i have done quite well getting in early on projects like Energy web token (EWT), Theta token and Theta fuel (THETA and TFUEL), Zilliqa (ZIL), Vechain (VET), and Icon X (ICX) to name a few. On almost all these projects i looked back recently and said "I wish i would have bought more". My strategy with these alts is usually to buy a couple hundred dollars worth, sell 1/3 of my supply when the price reaches a point that i can recoup my entire investment, then sit on the rest and hope they moon. Regardless, as early as i have gotten in on some of these i always feel like i am late to the party. Well that all changed yesterday when i found my next lottery ticket : UniPower (POWER).

a2be352b531f1b62a45206dc8f75fcdbeb625b4a34c0fbf75b446d4e4ee38a18.jpegWith as hot as the Defi sector has been this year this new project aims to redefine and capitalize on it's success. With Defi we have seen TONS of tokens taking off lately such as BAND, NASH, RPL, KNC etc. POWER aims to be the next by utilizing a a new way to approach the Defi market. 

What is UniPower?

UniPower is and ERC-20 token and the first Proof of Liquidity (PoL) token, meaning 100% of the 1,000,000 token supply was sent to Uniswap. No more tokens can ever be minted, and it is now solely powered by Uniswap. POWER was released only days ago (June 3rd) and is already seeing quite a bit of volume on Uniswap (over $800,000 in the last 24 hours).

The future for UniPower will be the flagship Uniswap pool managed by a decentralized smart contract or DAO where the trading fees generated can be distributed or for token buybacks.

Today, amid much anticipation,  the first dapp was released on the platform - Staticpower.io. The premise is simple : to stake there is a 10% burn fee, to unstake there is a 10% burn fee, to reinvest your staking rewards there is a 10% burn fee. When staking POWER tokens are burned in exchange for STAT tokens and when unstaking vice versa. In the first few hours of the dapp's release POWER has already seen a quarter of it's supply being staked. Rewards are variable being based on the total amount staked. Users can also earn passive income by providing liquidity to the ETH/POWER liquidity pool on Uniswap (i am doing both to see what yields higher returns)

The best part about POWER is that 100% all tokens are released completely, NONE are held by the creator.The full liquidity out there already. Its literally run by the community who will buy in to it, no one person has control. 68b755d8cd05c6267b92c19ed4783814f7e61c871efdf38d569b341911f52153.jpegThere are no referrals for this program - anyone who wants to get in simply has to log on to Uniswap, connect their wallet, and instantly swap for it. UniPower was created by MrBlobby / Hank, a veteran dapp developer since 2018 who has created projects such as EtherGoo, TronGoo & Frag Token. There is a limited supply and like i said above, the project is still very young with tokens only being only minted 4 days ago. I personally bought a couple hundred yesterday and then FOMO'd back in today (for almost double the price) for a hundred more when the staking app was released. I have been staking my tokens all of 4 hours and have earned $1.06 on my 175 tokens i have staked.  None of this is financial advice, i am merely writing about my experience thus for with POWER and my hopes that this will be the moonshot i have been looking for. With my luck it will dump tomorrow and my entire investment will be dead, lol. Honestly i do not expect that to happen though. I will be holding most all of this long term and staking most of my supply. Anyone wanting to find more information can see the UniPower website : https://unipower.network/ or join their discord : https://discord.gg/dHG8dMs or telegram channel : https://t.me/unipower You can also check out their token stats via Uniswap or run the contract yourself on etherscan. I am really excited about this project and if you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading, i appreciate all you guys and love the community here.    

Also, if you are not a member of publish0x i will include my ambassador link here. i appreciate anyone who uses it to sign up :




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