BAT & Brave MEME Competition + Giveaway — March 24, 2020

BAT & Brave MEME Competition + Giveaway — March 24, 2020

Hey gang just a short article to alert you guys to some possible free stuff - everyone likes free stuff. The crew over at Brave has created a meme competition on reddit and is giving everyone a BAT or Brave t-shirt just for submitting your meme and the three most upvoted memes will receive a swag kit that contains several "premium merch items from BAT & Brave!"

Here is the link to the post if anyone wants to join in on the fun : BAT & Brave MEME Competition


You guys can also follow the BAT community on twitter, that's how i found out about the competition :



I saw this contest this morning and had to give it a go and i hope you guys will as well. Mine was the first submission, check it out:


Here is the link to my submission if you guys like it and see fit to upvote : Poopster's Submission

Brave is really building something special with their platform and the community they have is awesome. I personally have found them to be very supportive and outgoing. Granted this project is still young and is not perfect - they have technical issues that arise from time to time. But i feel like they are dealing with them and growing as fast as they can and they are really creating an amazing privacy based browser.

If anyone has not tried brave yet, i would greatly appreciate if you used my referral code to download it :

Brave browser download

Thanks to everyone for checking out my post and if you guys are joining the competition, good luck ! I look forward to seeing the submissions from the publish0x community ! Feel free to link your submissions in the comments below as well and lets get some winners from this community. Thanks for your support gang !


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