Cointiply - Best App to earn some free money

Some of you have tested those Apps where you get money by playing games or doing some Surveys. You play and play and after a Month your eyes hurt and you got your first $5. Not really worth your time right? Yea then maybe just try Cointiply, in my opinion it is by far the best paying app i ever tried!


Android App:


Not only Mobile

Cointiply is not only an mobile app for Android, it is even available as a normal desktop Website! So because there is no iOS version, you simply go to their mobile website, it is designed pretty good! So that means you can earn Money everywhere and everytime! But to be honest, the best way to earn some money will be the App, because of the games. The games are just paid a bit better than the surveys


Best ways to earn

Okay now you maybe downloaded the app, opened it and ask yourself what the best way could be to earn some money, or what is the best way to earn some money?

Ok let me show you some of them, which are in my Opinion the best:

AYET Studios

AYET Studios is by far the best Offerwall at the moment. You can get multiple rewards by some of the games which will give a really good amount of money and you get rewards step by step, what is much better if you get a limited time for the offer and you can't reach the end. But what will be the best offer? There are so much! - yes, some of them still are crap, my tip: just get Rise of Kingdoms! I mean you only need kingdom level 17 and you can get over 800.000 coins!

Now you may ask how much 1 Coin is worth? Well 1 Coin is exactly worth $0,0001. Pretty small number, but you get 800.000 there what means you get $80 for just playing a game! This is awesome!

Thorem Research

If you got tired of playing games and grinding those games, maybe do some surveys? The best offer here is Thorem Research, just because of two reasons: Highest paying and you even get payed when you don't get qualified for a survey, sometimes you get disqualified after about 4 questions, but then you even get some hundreds of coins and you didnt really took much time for that.


They even got (in my opinion) the best Faucet out here, you can claim it once per hour. But that's not all, first of all you get a 1% Bonus every (consecutive) day you claim it up to 100%, so you can double your Faucet-claim. But to be honest, i am on 78% at the moment and i missed so many days, so it seems that you don't go back to 0 when you miss one day. The second option to boost you Faucet is simply by doing offers. There is a Cointiplier, which you only see on the Website, but if you claim it in the app you will recieve the bonus too, you just don't see it. The Cointiplier goes up to x2. So together you can boost your hourly Faucet-claim up to x4!

Chat Rain Pool

Cointiply has a Chat, there you can simply click on "Join Rain Pool". The pool get's shared by all people who joined it. If you do offers, surveys or watch PTC ads your share of the pool will rise. Even with a higher level you Pool share will rise. You do NOT need to chat or anything, just join it, nothing else. The only thing it recommends is that you need to do 1 offer, survey or watch 1 PTC ad on the day you join the pool. A low payed PTC ad needs 5 seconds, so that really does't take much time.


And btw, this is my first article ever written, please rate me even if I suck, so i know i shouldn't do something like that, thanks :)

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