Gary Vee's predicts about crypto and NFT

By PaulineChess | Tricks | 8 Mar 2022


Gary Vee, a major crypto art collector, predicts a monumental drop in the price of non-fungible tokens. According to him, almost 90% of the collections will see their capitalization plunge never to recover.


He believes there is a big bubble in the sector right now. And that it is fueled by the greed of crypto-investors who are afraid of missing out on the next big opportunity. Still, he is not pessimistic about the future of NFT.




The 10% (hear the collections) who are part of the crème de la crème will get away with it at a good price. As the spring of crypto art returns, their capitalization will reach new incredible peaks. It's a little backward to better jump.


In brief

- Gary Vaynerchuk told Decrypt that he believes a “real” NFT bull market is coming, following previous dips in valuation and momentum.

- Even so, he said that “NFTs are going to be here for the rest of everybody's life.”



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