3 Magic ways to Success

Have you wondered and asked for shortcuts to become rich and to escape poverty? Have you ever asked for the solutions to your worries just with the click of your thumb? Have you asked if there was a magic wand that can make the world turn to your side and sort your problems out and give you solutions like the genie in the stories of Aladin say?

Yes, there are solutions and we had found the 3 magic ways.

1. Learn to take the Long Road

Frank Nii Okanta said; I could have taken shortcuts, I could have gone for some “hard-closes”, I could have taken the deals or fallen for temptation, and anyone would be lying to you if they said they never considered. But the one thing I have grown to learn is that the grass isn’t greener on ANY specific side, it’s greener where you watered. It is better to take the Long road and avoid the shortcut. Success can be a long and winding road filled with many obstacles and challenges. There is no real short cut to success and we are compelled to take action daily, to be persistent and consistent in our efforts which are not always easy to do. We can easily lose our motivation, especially if yesterday did not bring us the progress that we were hoping to make.

2. What we focus on magnifies

Adenkule Gold in his song said; The grass is greener on the other side that is what he thought before he took the ride, but little did he know that whatever he was looking for was already his own. And if he had focused on watering his own grass it would have been greener that what he went to the other side to water.

That bothers much on FOCUS, the word FOCUS is an acronym which meant to FOLLOW ONE COURSE UNTIL SUCCESS. So for one to be a winner and to have his or her grass green you must focus.

In our profession, industry and in general with the way the world works today you will get so much further sewing into peoples lives with no agenda, following up because you want to impact them (not just take their money), sharing your story more than you throw upon them with your accolades and income and staying the course even when the temptation is staring you in the face.

3. Learn to be Consistent,

There is no way one can be focused if he is not consistent and shows commitment, it is and will be very difficult to see success when you seem to be everywhere and anywhere. Learn to be you love what you do and make sure you master what you do. This then gives you the leverage and makes you stand tall amongst your peers.

If one is Persistent he will get it, and if you are Consistent rest assured you will surely keep it.

“many of life’s failure are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up”.

Integrity and loyalty STAND TALL over time and those are the hallmarks of men who take these 3 steps and master them perfectly.

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