Random Dice - Epic smartphone game

Random Dice - Epic smartphone game

By Ykretz | How not to be interesting | 10 May 2020

This post's goal is to make you discover the game Random Dice and maybe download it on your phone 


The game is developed by 111%, it already has more than a million players and the feedbacks are pretty good with more than 215 000 rates it has 3,9 stars. It has been released on August 29th 2019 and the team is still working on it, the lastest update was only two days ago.


I don't really like smartphone games because I often find them too simple and when there is more work on it I just don't like the type of game they are. I don't like too competitive games because I don't like to loose and sometimes I feel guilty when I win because I know that the guy I just beat probably doesn't like to loose neither.


The rare type of phone games I like are tower defense and clickers. The games where you can always increase your power. And I also like when the game lets you evolve really fast at the beginning and then incites you to spend a lot of money on it to continue to grow. Like Hook Inc. A game in which you win 7 levels in 5 minutes and you have to spend 30 more minutes to get one more level.

The first time I saw this game was on an ad. But not a simple as, this annoying type of ad you can see on YouTube :


When i saw that I was very confused because we can see several things.

  • Ads like that often means lies, you see it and when you download it it is totally différents. Like gardenscape with the ads that shows it as a clicker where when you click to enhance the house but in real it is just like Candy crush. Totally different.
  •  This looks like a tower defense and on the ad we can see that when we ad two dices with the same number of dots to make a dice with one more dot.
  •  This looks to be a merge between a tower defense and a clicker and that seem to be awesome. Just need to know how we evolve on this.

The fastest way to learn more was to download it. I did it, when you start the game you see this : 703759e1a0c2a717f3db1c3d1ebecd2d4f8babdaececc7199ae3e337fabe0938.jpeg

In the main screen you can see
1. The dices you selected for your next battle.
2. You can see a score, this score is obtained by making pvp battles.
3. There is a card box, when you have 40 cards you unlock a box. To earns some cards you have to do a co-op pve battle.
4. You can see a score bar that unlocks new reward when you get enough points from winning pvp score.
5. There are quests


The way to fight is always the same. During the battle you have SP ( No relation with steem power ). This is a sort of money, you start with 100 that allow you to buy the 4 first random dices. The first costs 10, the second 20, the third 30 and it continues like that. You can merge two dices of the same color/type with the same dot count and it makes one random dice with +1 at the dot count.
You can also spend 100SP To level up a dice type, the price increase each time Lvl.2= 100SP ; Lvl.3200SP ; Lvl.4 = 400SP ; Lvl.MAX = 700SP.


The pvp mode is simple, it looks like that

There are enemines spawning one by one, and when you kill one, it spawn in the opposite side. To win you have to kill the ennemies faster than the other player. You have threes lives and if three normal enemies reach the red and black bar of your side, you loose the game.

There are some little bosses, with more life or less but speeder. And there are big Bosses, on the picture you see a countdown before it appears. Each Boss has his own skill, one blocks your dices, another can destroy them one by one, one reduces the dot counts on your dices. For each of these bosses if you can't beat them, they will remove you 2 lives.

When you win a battle, you earn gold and trophees score. When you win several games in a row you earns additional bonuses. You can also watch an ad before the battle to unlock more bonuses if you win ( I did it 4 times and I always loose the battle, it makes me wonder that if when you watch the ad, the matchmaking is maybe putting you in front of stronger ennemies )


The pve co-op mode looks like this : 



Normally the background is white as the previous picture but here my "partner" has a custom background. But the shape is the same. The ennemies come from the top and bottom left and go to the right. Here you only have one life. When the first enemy reaches the bar at the right, the game is over.
The enemies arrive by waves. When the game is over you earn cards depending the wave you were. If you completed 14 waves and lose at the 15, you will earn 15 cards, to unlock the card box you need 40 cards, you can do up to 5 coop game each day if you don't watched any ad. And thanks to the players or the matchmaking you should offer have powerful players to fight side by side with you so the 15th wave sould be pretty easy to reach.

On the screenshot you can see that my partner wasn't here at all so he didn't buy any dice. I made it alone and reached wave 8.


I don't have a powerful account, I still don't have any legendary dice.

When you win a pvp game you earn a score, like in any competitive game this is the ELO.
Thanks to that you can unlock some "gifts" like gold or... Diamonds ? Or boxes With dices' cards in it. With multiple cards of the same dice you can make it level up and increase its damages and dicrease its power cooldown.
Like in many games like Fortnite you can buy a VIP pass to unlock more rewards : 

And I don't know what this will be and when but there is also a VVIP pass which will soon come : 



You have three daily quests and everyday you can randomly change one of them ( even after completing it, so you can have up to four quest ). 

All the rewards, gold and diamond can be used to buy new dices or new boxes in the shop.



The first dices aren't awesome but you unlock new ones pretty quick. I hope some of you will download it. For me this is an awesome game and I hope the future update would be great. Maybe a new loading screen because I don't find it really good.

And maybe they could do something better for the phones which aren't in 16:9 because the game doesn't take all the screen so there is a lot for the screen which is black : 05de448598626010f96fc050c92852efb2a3509ea01e2fe0b1d4cbd9f547201c.jpeg

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