How Do You Relax Yourself on a Weekend?

What kind of luxury in life do you have outside cryptocurrency? Do you ever spend time pampering yourself whenever time permits? Or do you set aside a special treat for more growth and development?

A simple notion on emerging yourself of what your body is calling out to relax and to enjoy whatever you are doing either online or offline. Let me tell you my reflection when I almost forgot how to indulge myself in a very relaxing Thai Massage accompanied by a facial treatment. God, the experience was indeed heaven. A two-hour session was what I needed to go back to my senses. It was the best of both worlds with an initial relaxing full body massage followed by a special anti-aging facial treatment.

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I must say, it's my kind of luxury apart from my 8 hours of sleep because back in Doha, 4 hours was what I could give to myself. I never even had time to go to the spa where I felt so deprived of such a stress reliever full body massage likewise I Thank God I survived the excruciating heat in the Middle East.

Fortunately, when I decided to settle down here in the pristine beauty of Mahe, Seychelles were Beauty and Relaxation Spas are everywhere ranging from a very affordable and costly price depends on your preferred treatment but I personally love Thai Massage. As per locals, the charges are a bit cheaper compared to the foreigners who are coming for a staycation in the country. Upon booking they asked whether I had a GOP which means I'm employed, hence 600 SCR per 60-minute session. This is how I usually recharge myself when I felt that the world is on my shoulder. Darn, I'm not Atlas (that Greek God who held up the celestial heavens) needless to say when I realized that I almost forgot I have a life outside cryptocurrency as it came to a point where hubby and I were not on good terms because he saw how I lost track of our family time due to my engagements online, I said to myself, it's high time to recharge.


Lo and behold, I called for an appointment at Peppermint Spa, my personal choice despite the many alternatives because the staffs were so friendly like these two who eventually became my friends both from different countries working as the spa attendants. I remembered Eva, a Seychelloise asked me whether the pressure to be applied either medium or strong and I replied both. Mama mia, that was incredible, oh by the way before the session there was a refreshing hot mint tea, and then cold tea right after the massage.



I felt home at once seeing how comfortable the place as they had a veranda where you could check around the place thus if you preferred to commute rather than drive, a good road trip next to the beach would complete your day. Remember what Sydney Harris said, “

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.





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So how do you relax yourself on a weekend?


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How Much Time Have You Wasted?

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