Do You Believe in Prosperity?

Do you want to change your Financial Life to prosperity? Do you want to experience the fullness of wealth abundance? They key is very simple. You might be amazed you already have it however you don't grasp it just yet. I usually spend time reading books I purchased when I went for our family holiday in my city when I attended a Kerygma Conference in Davao where our mentor at the Truly Rich Club emphasized the value of changing our financial life to prosperity solely because through wealth and abundance we would be able to help more. We would be able to bless others because we are already a blessing to them. Take note this does not only entail materially but in all aspects of life.




I am so happy that in my little way, being able to share to the ministry through my subscription and tithes, I felt truly rich. No small amount of money would be wasted if it's able to help a charity right? So in the book, one of the main components of prosperity is simply "BELIEVING". BELIEVING I HAVE MONEY and then that's it? I didn't mean just like that but it's a crucial point to start thinking of prosperity. Remember what Amy Morin said,

"Striving for success is healthy - but believing you need to succeed the first time around may backfire. Mentally strong people believe failure is part of the process toward a long journey to success. By viewing failure as a temporary setback, they're able to bounce back and move forward with ease." 

One of the activities we did when our mentor told us to close our eyes and focused only on  RED objects inside the hall. There were various colours available but we were only instructed to concentrate on anything RED.  True enough as soon as we opened our eyes, our brain, our minds, our entire system were solely focused on the RED OBJECT and nothing else, although we had seen other colours apart from red, but the focal point was to check for red.  I personally love blue because it felt so calm and solemn yet the instruction was to think on RED object and not on blue. So what's my point?


TRAIN your brain for abundance, stay FOCUSED and then BELIEVE you will  have it.


This post might be very hard to fathom for people who have POOR MENTALITY engulfed their systems and eaten by the thought of ' they're born poor so they will die poor" however, later did they realize that if they opened for wealth and  overhauling of their lives for more abundance, the gravity of the universe will find it's way towards that energy as long as they stay on track and actualize what it meant to be truly wealthy. BELIEVE first and from there you succeed.


When I was single, broke and unable to earn more than the basic salary, very meager I must say, I was kinda thinking, how am I going to prepare for my retirement? I need to find a way on how I could improve my earning so that I would be able to help my family financially, although I was not required but as an eldest in the family I felt it's my responsibility. I attended seminars, workshops and even listened to podcast so I would know the way on how I could improve financially and all these would boil down to one simple thing.


BELIEVE that you WILL PROSPER and your Money will Prosper too! there is a gravitational force of the universe where it would bring all these energies should you BELIEVE firmly in your MIND that you can DO it! 


In the book written by Bo Sanchez, a story of a thirty-year-old- jobless housewife, stricken with cancer, divorced by her husband and in debt did not lose HOPE and in fact CHANGE HER BELIEF towards herself to PROSPERITY and today she's running many companies. So what's the point here, if you're suffering financially right now, BELIEVE you will be financially free, Prosper your MIND so you can prosper your money."  This is just the first step! towards your FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE. 

The moment I changed my mentality for more abundance, the road to prosperity started when I worked for my financial breakthrough back when I was in the Middle East. I saved for emergency purposes likewise, invested into vehicles for long term growth and followed the 10-20-70 formula of success. This image of our house and car here in Seychelles is just a replica of what I envisioned myself into living a simple lifestyle and debt-free moreover living in the realm of prosperity.


So do you believe in Prosperity?


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