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By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 5 Aug 2021

Getting Started

It is a well-known fact that a good start to the day has a positive cascading effect all through our day. That means a good start allows us to do more, be more, and be involved more. Not only that, but also we can go about the day in high spirits, which allows us to deal with most things thrown at us effectively.

The phrase - got out of the wrong side of the bed - is to imply people who did not have a good start. Such people are mostly grumpy and difficult to deal with. They end up making things much worse for themselves. Therefore, the idea of starting the day right cannot be emphasized more.

But how can we start the day better? What do I do to start the day in the right spirit?

Let’s find out.


Starting the Day Right | My Way

Now, I have been pruning and reshaping the things that I want to do first as I start my day, and here is the evolved version of the same. That said, it can evolve further as I would strive to make it better than it is now. This has got to be an unending endeavor, much like improving ourselves.

Okay, so let’s get started with what I do. My focus is on God, spirituality, mind, and work in that order. All of them need to be started right in the morning. Now, God is God whether you want to start right or not, :) so the only thing I can do is offer a prayer for his help. The rest of the areas I can shape with God's help. Shall we move on to the list then? Let's go.

But before that, here is a word of advice. One thing about starting a day right is also about ending your previous night well. So, don’t take anger, hatred, guilt, and other unnecessary feelings to bed. Because when you wake up, even before you can do anything, these feelings will show up. It is best to go to sleep in peace.

Does that mean if my day ended bad, I can't start it better? No, you can still start it better, but the ease with which you could start an awesome day will be affected a bit by how you go to bed. (Again, remember, getting out of the wrong side of the bed? 😊 It also starts with how you went to bed.)

Let’s go to my list.


Starting An Awesome Morning | The List

Remember the order that I had mentioned in the previous section? Let me rewrite for everyone’s benefit – God, spirituality, mind, and work. That’s the order in which I start.


1. I start with a short prayer while I am still lying in bed. This includes only thanking. I thank God for the day, for my health, for everyone’s health at home, for things that have gone right, and more.
2. Once I get up, another prayer, this time focusing on thanks and my asks (it’s a prayer, after all, 😊).
3. At this point, you can choose if you want to read your Holy Book or any other specific prayer you would want to do.

It takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete my prayers.


1. Spirituality starts with meditation for me.
2. I try simple meditation and guided meditation. Both. If time does not permit, then at least one of them and the other some other time in the day

Meditation takes me anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour.


1. Here, I read positive affirmations that I have written for specific areas of my life. You can write and keep yours ready too.
2. Then I hear Subliminals from trusted sources on the net. These Subliminals focus on happiness, health, fitness, and a flush.
3. While reading affirmations or listening to Subliminals, it is recommended that you feel what you are reading or listening to. The feeling is important.

Here again, I spend about fifteen to twenty minutes. At times, it is much lesser too.


1. I started Journalling after reading about it from many coaches and positivity teachers. And it works.
2. I focus on two aspects. What has worked well (the past), and what do I want to do (the near future).
3. But I don’t just leave it at that. I then go ahead and write about the future that I want. I mean, the life I want to create and what all I want – happiness, wealth, family, friends, etc. It is best to see yourself already having the things that you are asking.

So, that’s how I get started. As I mentioned earlier, this is ever-evolving and will keep evolving depending on which part or all the parts I need to work on.


So, that’s the List

There are usually queries around why I am not talking or doing anything about the body. Actually, there is. I do go for jogs and gym. I have written about those things which I do even before my physical fitness regime. If you wish to add your body to the list, it would logically be the last one; it will come after work.

The other question is, what time of the day do I do this? The answer is as early as possible. That's the time you will have the least disturbance or interruptions. You will be able to focus better.

I recommend starting and being consistent in doing this every day. And before you know, this would become your habit. So, give it a shot, and feel free to make changes and apply them to your life as you deem fit. 😊


Remember, the shift from nothingness to awesomeness is quite quick! 😊


**Image Courtesy:** [Alexas_Fotos]( at Pixabay | [Alexas_Fotos]( at Pixabay


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