What Aspects of Life Does Meditation Help?

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 4 Dec 2020


It is more than amply clear that meditation is a highly recommended tool to help us in our life. Long gone are the days where meditation was thought to be in the realm of the Tibetan monks or Indian Sadhus. Today, more and more people are flocking to meditation as a bee attracted to honey. Not only individuals but also organisations are introducing meditation, yoga and other life-changing habits for their employees. But why?

Well, science is yet to fully unravel what goes on with our body at the time of meditation. Still, the tell-tale visible signs are reduction in stress, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. The result, better health, recovery from illness and in a few cases, release from trauma. How good is that? And all this for quieting your mind and breathing deeply. No money, no medicine, no material things involved.


Then why are people reluctant to meditate? Let’s find out.


Reluctance to Meditate

The problem is that we do not have straightforward ways to measure the benefits of meditation. However visible the benefits are, we still want to measure them. Not only that but also the fact that the rat-race that we global citizens have got ourselves into, has conditioned us to expect the unexpected from the first time we meditate.

There is nothing wrong in expecting the unexpected nor in believing in miracles, but the question is, do people even believe in what they expect? Without believing something will work for them, they are barking up a tree laced with litres of oil. The result – people get nowhere. And then they think that meditation is not working. But it is quite the contrary.

If we can mute our expectations and just try out meditation, the immeasurable benefits would be evident in no time. The first and visible change is the reduction in mind chatter (remember, that noise in your head) and then the lessening of anxiety and fear. As we get going, the negative emotions are, in a way, neutralised, and one of our more vibrant self comes forth. Who wouldn’t want that? ….but for the reluctance.


How Does Meditation Help and Where All Does It Apply?

Science has woken up to the benefits of meditation, but people, in general, have adopted this “gift” called meditation even before that. The good part is that the daily practitioners seldom want to let go of the meditation. Well, I can’t be speaking for the world as a whole, but it certainly is the case with me. I had been in and out of meditation for some time, but each time, felt the calm that set in. So, beyond a point, it was difficult for my mind to deny the benefits.

But did you know that meditation has different levels and different ways you could derive benefits out of? Well, let’s see each.

The Basic Level

This is the level where we start. Practitioners often go through the basic level of focus on breathing and thereby, calming the mind. The immediate outcome is the stopping of the mind chatter, and therefore, a sense of calm. From the calm state, the mind can focus on things to do and things to let go.

Issue Focused

In this form of meditation, the idea is to ask a question before we start and then get into meditation. Since the mind is calm and ready to receive, more often than not, inspiration flows in. I have personally benefitted from this mode for finding solutions to many problems, which generally, I wouldn’t have seen. So, it is a superb way.

Manifestation Focused

Now, the law of attraction geeks will love this. One of the requirements of the law of attraction is to silence the mind and focus on having those things that we desire. But here’s the catch – to "quiet the mind" and "focus on having" are two different and challenging aspects. To show you how difficult it is, try this exercise.

Without meditating, sit comfortably and try stopping your mind chatter. This includes stopping yourself from thinking about events of the past. When you try it, you would know what I mean by difficult. Now, add to this the aspect of believing that you have what you ask for. Let’s take money as an example. Suppose you need a thousand dollars, try thinking that you already have it. Now, tell me, what does your mind tell you? Does it accept it, or does it ridicule your assumption? Chances are it is the latter. So, you not only can’t silence your mind, but you cannot even believe having what you had asked for.

Here’s where meditation is the answer. With meditation, you are, first of all, able to silence your mind, and since the mind is silent, you can attempt to believe that you already have what you had asked for. For example, if you had asked for the thousand dollars and also believe it, your mind will accept it during meditation. Why? Because the mind chatter stops during meditation. Since there is no mind chatter, there is nothing to oppose your statement of belief. Get that? So, that’s why manifestation meditation works like a charm.

Then what are you waiting for? Go get on with meditation.


So, that’s it..

So, try out meditation and the benefits it has to offer. The chances are that you wouldn’t just be happy with it but also become a vocal advocate to this novel way of living!


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