The Law of Attraction Not Working? – The Number One Reason

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 13 Dec 2020

Law of Attraction

I am starting with the assumption that most of you’ll know what the Law of Attraction is all about. If I were to summarize it, then the most important point of the teachings is that like attracts like. Whether you believe in it or not, LoA always works. If that’s the case, then wouldn’t you want to make it work for you? The answer is “yes”. But does it work for you? The answer is “no”, at least for most.


The reason that LoA does not work is that you are not in the right frame of mind. As like attracts like, your frame of mind about a situation keeps you entrenched in that situation. Remember, if you are not coming out of a situation that you intend to change, then the LoA is telling you that you have not changed your belief in the first place. This, therefore, means that LoA is giving you more of what you already have – an unfavorable situation.

But why is this happening?


How Does LoA Work?

As I said in the beginning like attracts like. Let’s understand the dynamics with an example. If I am the one who regularly is in financial stress, unable to pay bills, always running late on my loan payments, and finding myself with no money to do anything that I want, then I am obviously going to hope for more money. The hope would be that more money would flow. If I understand the LoA then I would keep asking for more money but somehow not see the money. Why?

Because like attracts like. We come back to the same point. The idea is to feel what you want and believe you already have it. Get that? Which means, if you want more money, you need to feel that you already have enough, you need to see yourself paying bills before time, you need to see yourself paying off all your debts (loans), or you need to see yourself wondering what to do next with all that extra money. When you do all that, you attract more money. Now, do you follow like attracts like? I guess you are getting a sense of it.

But you say, you did all that and still not attracted more money.


And Here’s Why

LoA is not just a verbal calling out of what you want and still believing in what you don’t want. In other words, you cannot be asking for money but still be thinking of your debts to be paid, not having enough bank balance, and the fact that you are far from achieving all that you want in terms of money. **Remember, the LoA does not respond to your verbal asks, but your feelings towards your asks.**

What does that mean? You have to ask for money and feel that you already have the money. Only then will the money start flowing. And think about it. When you ask for money, what do you immediately do? You get into the feeling of not having enough and how it had made you struggle. So, you keep yo-yo-ing between asking for something and believing in the exact opposite. And you keep doing this exercise for eternity – keep asking but believe in the opposite of what you ask. So, many, therefore, do not get what they ask for. Because they never believed in having what they asked for.

Get that?


So, the Greatest Impediment to LoA Is..

***The greatest impediment, therefore, is to ask and not believe in what you ask.***

Internalize that. The minute you ask for money, health, wealth, job, or anything you like, start imagining yourself already having it. Start asking questions like, how would you feel when you have what you asked for? How would things be around you? What would you be doing at that time? Who will all be celebrating your success? These questions allow you to focus on the thing that you asked for rather than the opposite. And train yourself to be focused on the asking than the opposite of what you asked. Every single time you see yourself drifting from your ask, get back to these questions and refocus.

Avoid yo-yo-ing between your ask and its opposite. Stay focused on your ask and keep asking the above questions, which allows you to stay focused longer. Try it and have fun manifesting what you want!


**Image Courtesy:** Yassay @pixabay

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