Law of Attraction – Heard of It?

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 9 Dec 2020

Law of Attraction

I am sure many have heard of the Law of Attraction. Some of you have practised it while a good number may not even know about it. I came to know of the Law of Attraction (LoA), through the book “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It resonated as I read it and knew that there was something right about the book.

But then how does the LoA work and for whom? The fun part of the LoA is that it is always working whether you know about it or not, know how it works or not or know if it exists or not. In fact, this is the actual part which caught my attention. Isn’t it interesting to know that there is a law on auto-pilot which you could utilize and drive in the direction you want?


If yes, then we need to dive in to understand LoA more. Let’s go.


What is the Law of Attraction?

Well, the LoA can be considered as a Universal Law which works on the principle of like attracts like. Yes, you heard it right – like attracts like. This is a bit different from our known concepts of opposites attract and like poles repel that we learned in physics. So, then, why are we saying “like attracts like” could be a true principle? Let’s understand that.

I am sure many of us have had that experience of starting the day on the wrong foot and continuously having more unhappy situations. Also, many would have had the experience of hoping for a situation, and that situation played itself out. And we look at such situations and call it “serendipity.” These are all examples of like attracting like. That is why when we are in a foul mood, more bad situations come forth. When we hope for a good situation and stay in that mood, more good situations present themselves.

So, that’s how universal law works against physical laws that we learned in school. The best part is that we all have experienced this universal law. Wouldn’t that be the right assumption?

But how does it work?


How Does LoA work?

Now, here we look at the second fact of life. Humans are not just physical beings but vibrational too. What? Humans and vibrational? Well, it would be easy to understand with few physical examples.

How do we hear? The physical world tells us that the vibration from the speaker moves the airwaves around which in turn vibrates our eardrum, and we end up hearing the voice or music. That’s one example of the vibrational nature of things experienced by us. This is true for our other senses too.

The teachings of LoA takes this one step further and tells us that not only these senses but the whole of us are a vibration. In, other words, all our emotions are emitting different vibrations and hence different frequencies. When these frequencies are broadcast out, God or the universe matches this frequency and sends us more of the same. So, more unhappy we are, we will find more unhappy situations while our happiness attracts further favourable situations. Get that.

But that’s not all. Our vibrations are also our asking. What I mean is, I don’t have to verbally speak to ask or verbally pray to ask, the more I am engrossed in situations and feel any of the emotions, I am emitting a frequency. This frequency is also an asking. And as soon as you ask, you are responded to. That’s how when you are scared (emitting a certain frequency) more of scary situations (matched by the universe) will follow.

But I was a bit religious even to accept these concepts. However, there was a twist. There were parts of the Bible which did speak about the LoA but not in so many words.

Let’s look at them.


Bible and the Law of Attraction

I am looking for similarities from a holy book that I follow. If time permits, I will look at other holy books too. But for now, let’s get back to our discussion.

You see “Ask and It is Given” is a famous phrase from Jesus covered in the book of Matthew. Here the only thing that we need to understand is that asking is not only verbal but also feeling; in fact, it is only feeling. You can ask for something, and if you don’t believe it or feel good about it, you will get exactly what you feel (and not what you asked for verbally). Anyway, we will keep this discussion for later. Let’s focus on the feeling part.

So, also in different parables, Jesus had said that those who have abundance, more will be given to them, while those who do not have any, even that which they have will be taken away. ***Like attracts like?*** So, if we keep feeling rich more richness will follow, but if we keep feeling poor, more poverty will follow too. So, watch your feelings!

Anyway, this was a brief comparison and something that could be discussed for long and at depth. We intended to understand the essence of the LoA, and this is all about it. In succeeding discussions, we will look at different attributes and working of the LoA.

I hope you enjoyed the read. See you soon.


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