Law of Attraction and 22 Levels of Emotions

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 21 Dec 2020


Emotions are the real building blocks of our life. Let’s learn a bit more about them.


Esther and Jerry Hicks’ Teachings



I had mentioned before that most of my knowledge of the Law of Attraction (LoA) comes from the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have read most of their books – Ask and It Is Given, Vortex, Money and the Law of Attraction, and many more. It was an eye-opener in the beginning and still continues to enthrall me.

One of the most important teachings was that our emotions are the basis of our asking, which means that I am not asking verbally but emotionally. And God (or Universe or Soul or Soul Energy) responds to these emotions. So, it is important to focus on our emotions and be as positive as we can be. Why? Because that is what we will attract back by the LoA.

It was obvious that my next step was to find more about emotions. The good news was that most of these emotions were already mentioned in the book.

Let’s look at them.


Emotions – Our Guidance System

One of the striking examples that I received from the book was that the opposite of fear is not courage; the opposite of fear was love. At first, I could not make head or tail of it, but the more I delved into it, the more I could understand it better. It is indeed, true. Give it a thought – fear leaves us empty while love fills us up. Fear is one of scarcity, while Love is of abundance. It is apparent that Love is indeed the opposite of fear.

Not only this example but also the emotion scale that was presented in the book made a lot of sense. Here are the emotions described in the book.

1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelment
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

The emotion on the very top is the most positive of emotions, while on the bottom is the most negative. Here too, we can see that Love is the opposite of fear. They are on the opposite extremes of the scale.

But this chart also showed that emotion-wise positivity and negativity could come at different gradients. No matter where we are, the intention should always be to reach the most positive level on the scale.

Let’s understand this a bit more.


Levels of Emotion

As with quite a lot of revelations that came by, one more revelation was that not all negative emotions are bad. For example, when we are afraid of a situation, we may have a sense of dejection associated with it. There can also be a chance of anger at being in that situation, and then we blame everybody but us for the situation. Earlier, when I used to be in such a quicksand of negative emotions, I would feel that I was done for. I could never be happy again.


Because, as per the teachings of Esther and Jerry, when we reach an emotion that is one level above the other, we are successful in moving towards the positive. In other words, if I am in fear and powerlessness but somehow feel hatred, then hatred is a better emotion than fear. So, take that feeling. ***The only word of caution is not to dwell on these negative emotions for too long.*** What I mean is, hatred being better than fear is not a certificate for us to stay on the emotion of hatred. Try to get up the scale.

So, if next, I feel anger or worry, then that is better still. So, keep moving up the scale until you find any positive emotion. From there, we are in a better position to handle the situation and ourselves.

This emotional scale was an eye-opener for me when I first went through it. So, I am glad that I read and understood this well.


So, Remember..

The most important thing is to read your emotion and try moving up the scale. The reason for moving up the scale is to reach a positive emotion where we will feel better as much as we will attract more positive emotions. If that is our end goal, then we can make our emotions work for us.

So, keep looking at your emotions and enjoy moving up the scale.


**Image Courtesy:** My own and [Geralt]( at Pixabay


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