Law of Attraction – 17 Seconds to Glory!

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 10 Dec 2020

Law of Attraction

In my earlier article, we discussed the Law of Attraction (LoA) and how it impacts us and our lives. Whether we know about it or not, it works and continues to impact us. The takeaway was that if we know that the LoA exists and if we know that it impacts us, then why not make it work for us?

The LoA could be considered as a genie that brings to us what we desire. The problem with desire is that it means what we want and what we don’t want. How can "what we don’t want" be our desire?


Well, the LoA responds to our emotions, so if we desire a house but fear that we don’t have the money or the ability to buy it, then LoA responds with more situations of why we can’t buy the house. So, the emotions that we use dictates the response that we get. In this case, because we have “fear” as the emotion, LoA considers that as our desire and responds to it. So, our emotions are our desires.


How To Make it Work?

The LoA, while is quite simple in providing us what we want, the major issue with it, is projecting the right emotion. We have been conditioned to be in fear, despair, anxiety, and worry about most of the things in our life. So, we tend to get more situations that lead to those very emotions. The trick then is to look at the right emotions and project them.

The bad news is that we have been so deep in the waters of negative emotion that the very thought of thinking positive appears to be out of reach. But the good news is that you just have to try to stay positive for 17-seconds. That’s all. And then the flood gates of positive thoughts open, followed by positive situations. It isn’t difficult, right?


17-Seconds, did I say?

You heard me right. The 17-seconds of focus on positive emotions are considered the impact point or inflection point, where the mind gets tuned into the emotion, and therefore, the feeling. Once there, the chances of the mind staying on that emotional scale is a lot higher.

So, it does not require much from us to come out of a situation we do not like. All that we have to focus is on the positive emotion and keep it focused enough to start moving towards a happy situation.

These teachings come from the book “Ask and It is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It works for many, and you would feel that corroboration is due. I can tell you that it works well, and it has helped me come out of difficult situations many times. So, try it. You won’t be disappointed.

The next obvious question for most is when do we use this 17-second method?

Let’s find out.


When To Use the 17-second Method?

The idea of such less time required to focus on a positive situation means that it can be used at any time. That’s what even Esther says that the 17-second focus can be used whenever you feel the need. However, it is quite understandable that when we are in the most unhappy situation, we are least likely to attempt moving to the positive; hence many may not even consider it at that time.

The best time for me to use the 17-second method is before going to sleep and as soon as I wake up. Why? Because if we go to sleep with a positive thought as our last thought, the chances are that our subconscious will store it and rebroadcast it to us when we wake up. The same goes for the morning. As we wake up, if we focus on something positive lying in our bed, we will have more and more positive thoughts lined up, and we will start the day on a high. That itself should be good enough to go through the day.

However, remember that the 17-second process works at any time you want, even in the middle of a big crisis. So, start practicing it as you get into bed or wake up in the morning, and you would learn to use it well at other times.

So, that’s it. Go ahead and try it.


**Image Courtesy:** Yassay @pixabay


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