Happy New Year and My Christmas Resolutions!

By Oivas | Improving Your Life | 5 Jan 2021

Here Comes the New Year

I might not be the first or the fastest to wish you all a happy new year, but I certainly come forward with a strong resolution. Before we get to know about the resolution, let’s first take a second to understand “resolution” as a concept itself.

Many of you would have made the new year’s resolution year-after-year only to see yourself slip from where you wanted to be. This would also be true for people you knew they couldn’t stick to the plan. It was no different for me. In fact, on further analysis of my failures, I realized the term “new year’s resolution” comes with many baggages. And all of this baggage point towards failure. Some of the associated thoughts are – “here comes another new year resolution which I will not keep”, “new year resolutions never work for anybody”, “the internet is full of people failing within days of making their new year’s resolution”, and so on. I am sure you get the drift.

So, I changed the pattern last year. Last year, I called my resolution as “Christmas resolution” and it worked wonders. Now, most of you’ll would be thinking, how can a change of name work wonders? It is just a name play. But that is not the fact. The fact is the feelings associated with the name. Now, new years will always be associated with the old feelings of going back to work, resolution having never worked, etc. However, Christmas is unanimously associated with holidays, celebrations, and much more. That is what gives the idea of “Christmas resolution,” an even bigger charm and feeling.

Those of you who understand the “law of attraction” would know the benefits of a strong feeling. If that is so, just by calling your resolutions “Christmas Resolutions”, the feelings of positivity just skyrockets.

So, did it work for me?


Christmas Resolutions

Heaven yeah.. 😊

Last year was the best year for me to stick to my plan for the year. I exercised, and I wrote article after article. I managed to open writing on new sites, new areas, and much much more — all of that in just a year.
To give you an idea, I planned to write 365 articles throughout the year on one of the sites. As you would have guessed, the plan was one article per day. But here is the clincher – I ended up writing 651 articles!! That is nearly double of what I had planned, and that too on just one site. I was a writing angel force, and I had tremendous leverage. The best part is that I earned too. What a feeling!

Now, contrast this with the year 2019 when I wrote cumulative some 67 articles. How does 2020 look in comparison? Super rocking, right? That’s the power of words and feelings associated with it. Just calling my resolutions differently and getting a head-start with the feelings propels us through the year.


My Christmas Resolutions 2021 and What Could You Do?

Well, here are my new resolutions for this year. I am only adding the new ones here.

1. Open up writing on new sites
2. Write about at least 21 (because it is 2021 :)) exciting new crypto-projects
3. Invest in at least 21 new crypto-coins/projects
4. Start with the YouTube videos – Planned 52 videos (1 each week)
5. Write 5 new sci-fi books this year

And, of course, a few of my older resolutions also add to this list.

So, you can do the same. Now, I understand that Christmas is not something everyone celebrates, so change it to your favorite festival name. We are reaching for our feelings, and that is all. ***So, if Ramadan gives you the winning feeling, then call it Ramadan Resolutions. If Diwali lights up your spirit, then call it Diwali Resolutions. Reach for the feeling.***



So, what are you waiting for?

Go make your awesome resolutions and fill them. And here is the tip. ***Once you make a resolution and see it fulfilled, you change your mindset forever.*** In my case, I surprised myself with the 651 articles (and I did just 67 all combined in 2019) that I wrote for just one site. See the potential? Think about how my belief system would be at the moment. Sky-rocketing, right? I am full of joy for the first time, making my 2021 resolutions because now I believe that I will surpass my targets. I love that feeling.


So, it would help if you did it too. Do it and see it first hand. You can thank me by the year-end.

Have fun! 😊


Some of the good crypto-writing-earning sites:


Publish0x: Earn ETH || Read.cash: Earn BCH 


**Image Courtesy:** My own and Farconville at Freedigitalphotos.net

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