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By Melusine | Hord App | 30 Oct 2022

By Julian SR


Over a year after the initial roll-out of Hord, we’re proud to say that Hord 2.0 is coming! Hord 2.0 is a completely revamped set of products under the Hord name and protocol. Hord 2.0 includes amazing new apps, a clear go-to-market, a new website, and an expanded new team. Everything works harmoniously to offer users and Hord holders the best possible experience.

The Hord token will remain central to the Hord ecosystem. These new functionalities will strengthen the Hord token with buy-backs, burns, and governance options.

Among the new products of Hord 2.0 are Viking DAO, Hord Private Pools, Hord DEX, and more. Hord’s domain will also change from to (symbolizing finance).

Initially, Hord was an innovative platform for crypto ETFs with Champion’s Pools tokenized crypto strategies. Today with Hord 2.0, Hord has become much more than just that. As the platform grows, Hord’s future is promising.

Viking DAO

Viking Dao is one of Hord 2.0’s key functionalities. A unique platform for early-stage crypto investment that allows you to invest in tokens at VC price. Viking DAO will give retail access to deals that until now were only available to VCs and large players.

Backers can invest between $100 to $5,000 BUSD into pools of up to 20 different crypto projects and tokens at the private sale price. The tokens in each pool are initially priced at private sale pricing, which is much lower than public sale or IDO prices.

In exchange for their investment, backers receive a pool token. Backers can trade the pool tokens on Hord DEX or wait until vesting periods are over and redeem the pool token for the value of the underlying tokens.

The Hord token and its holders will play a key role in the platform. Hord tokens will not only be used in terms of governance and decision-making but also in ensuring access to the pools.

Viking DAO’s first pool will be dubbed the Genesis Pool, and more pools will follow it.

Hord Private Pools

A new product that allows hedge funds, VCs, and DAOs to manage their funds entirely on-chain.

These pools will be private, and only whitelisted participants by the owner of the pool will be allowed to participate.

With Private Pools, users can limit access or share the pool, Customize Fees and Rev-Share Models and much more

Hord DEX

As Hord 2.0 will have Champion’s Pool tokens and Viking DAO Pool tokens, along with the native Hord token, a DEX is needed. As such, Hord 2.0 will include Hord DEX, where users can trade all things Hord-related. The DEX will allow users to trade Viking DAO pool tokens during vesting periods, Hord tokens, and more in a user-friendly order book.

With Viking DAO, Hord DEX, and Private Pools, Hord will continue to lead the way as a crypto ETF provider. Hord 2.0 will revolutionize how many see crypto ETFs and provide much-needed functionalities to the current crypto landscape.

About Hord

Hord is a crypto ETF platform that helps investors and users outperform the markets. Hord offers various pools, with every pool token representing a basket of tokenized investments, making crypto strategies accessible and profitable. Like ETFs on stock markets, Hord pool tokens are actively tradable on Hord’s DEX.

By providing a transparent dashboard to track the performance of portfolios, Hord bridges the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.

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