Pre-Mainnet Staking - 600,000 $HORD Reward over 100 Days

By Melusine | Hord App | 24 Aug 2021

By Bart Rovers


On-Chain Single Sided Staking

When our L2 DEX goes live you’ll be able to stake HORD to share in the fee revenue and get a discount on trading fees. To get you used to staking on we are launching Pre-Mainnet Staking this week!

Hord DEX

The current TVL is $250 million in Crypto ETFs, this is expected to grow rapidly as ETFs gain popularity in the maturing crypto market. Hord DEX is the only DEX where ETF tokens can be scaleably traded. It’s not hard to see the volume potential here.

A portion of all Hord DEX trading fees is rewarded to HORD stakers.

Pre-Mainnet Staking

We want you to get used to on-chain staking so you’re ready once Hord DEX goes live! That’s why we’re releasing Pre-Mainnet Staking. The program rewards stakers with 600,000 HORD over 100 days with a 72 hour cooldown period to unstake.


If you have any questions we refer you to @hord_app for support.

Keep an eye on our socials as we’ll be launching the Staking Program this week!

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The most powerful and fully decentralized crypto ETF platform. Hord paves the way for the democratization of Assets Under Management and accelerates the move to DeFi from traditional finance.

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