Hord x ChainPort BNB Airdrop $10 worth of BNB to 500 users

By Melusine | Hord App | 5 Dec 2021

By Bart Rovers


Hord on BSC

Since we announced that Hord would be launching on BSC we have seen a major shift from ERC-20 to BSC Hord tokens. Hord users have been using our official partner bridge ChainPort to port over their HORD tokens from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain in large numbers.

To date over 20% of HORD tokens have been ported to 400 unique wallet addresses on BSC using ChainPort. Some of the main reasons users decide to port are decreased transaction costs, more utility when the app goes live and more staking options on

BNB Token

In order to use HORD tokens on BSC, users need BNB to cover gas costs. Our extensive tutorial has helped a lot of less experienced DeFi users to port their tokens. However, since this is their first time using BSC they do not yet have any BNB in their on-chain wallet to cover any gas costs associated with transactions and smart-contract interactions.

BNB Airdrop

To help our community out we have decided to airdrop $10 worth of BNB to the first 500 eligible users that have ported their HORD tokens from Ethereum to BSC. As gas fees on BSC are very low, this amount of BNB should allow for plenty of transactions and smart-contract interactions!

To participate you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Port HORD tokens from Ethereum to BSC (tutorial)
  2. Fill out this form:
  3. The BNB will be airdropped to you shortly :)


If any questions come up during this process do not hesitate to contact us. As always our community managers are there to help on Telegram.

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