From the Moon to the depths of the earth.

By Honeypete | Honeypete Blog | 26 Aug 2019

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    The year was 1976, the location, the Andes mountain range in southeastern Ecuador.

    The Cave of the Tayos.

    The famous and mysterious cave of Ecuador that aroused a strange fascination of astronaut Neil Armstrong.


    What will Neil Armstrong have seen in his trip that made him facinate with the cave of the Tayos?
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    How is this cave?

    351665157-b0a34fc763b26883f740c89138d8ae8281331b50753c516ebb05a076ef6e91cd.jpegThe three days it takes to get from Quito to the Cave of the Tayos is the simple part.

    Upon reaching the mouth of the cave, the few explorers who have entered are found with a 70-meter deep hollow through which they can only be rappelled.


  • Juan Moricz

    Only the Shuar Indians were the only ones who had known this cave for decades, whose entrance has a vertical vacuum of about 70 meters.

    Β But it was a trip by the Argentinean speleologist, of Hungarian origin, Juan Moricz who aroused so much interest that the government of Ecuador and the United Kingdom financed the great expedition of 1976.

    Β  While Neil Armstrong walked on the surface of the moon (If this really happened), a foreign taciturn legalized in Guayaquil, which is perhaps the strangest and most surprising document of those that have been presented in the notaries of Ecuador. Incredible as it may seem, both stories would cross years later in the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

    That July 21, 1969, was presented in the fourth quarta of Guayaquil a writing where the complaint of a supposed discovery was settled in the eastern forests of the Ecuador (then it would be necessary that it was inside the Caves of the Tayos): "[a] Metal library containing the chronological relationship of the history of humanity; the origin of man in the earth, and the scientific knowledge of an extinguished civilization." The content of this notarial record marked the start of disputes that after half century still last. They also meant the point of departure from a whole saga of explorations to the caves. CLUES, who was the man who he 50, called the world's attention, underground the Ecuadorian Amazon? Moricz assured having found, in the depths of the cave of the Tayos, a cavern in which there were metallic leaves recorded with what seemed to be the history of humanity.

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