At the end of the tunnel

By Honeypete | Honeypete Blog | 7 Sep 2019


I recurrently return to art to give expression and voice to my own inner self and to deeply enjoy the creative process.

I will introduce you through some of my posts some of my artwork.

On this occasion I present the artwork "At the end of the tunnel"

I really believe we live in a kind of tunnel that we are not aware of in this Life
and this tunnel is in itself a prison for us that prevents us from accessing other planes of existence at other levels of consciousness.

The human being lost his capacity and hyperdimensional abilities and that is how we were trapped in a tunnel-prison that we call "reality"
I am sure you have seen some documentaries or movies or have read certain writings that describe people who have had near-death experiences, many of these people agree to tell us that they have seen "a light at the end of the tunnel"
Many are those who have tried to discover and explain the meaning of that light, but why have you never heard anyone talking and trying to explain the tunnel, that same tunnel in which we live right now trapped all living human beings.

I created this artwork thinking about this same idea.

I hope you can access and appreciate the original work in Creary At the end of the tunnel
I hope you liked my post, if so and to see my work and give me your support to continue creating digital works of art, I invite you to my social networks where I expose more works like this.

Thank you.

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