Atomic Wallet

                  Atomic Wallet is my favorite wallet! Mainly because of the staking that you can do on the wallet. It has a lot of coins that you can hold on Atomic as well which makes it a very good wallet to have. AS I was saying it is my favorite wallet because of the coins you can stake. You can stake Atomic wallets on coin called AWC for 20% apr, Cosmos (ATOM) 10%apr, Tezo(XYZ) 7%apr, Tron(Trx) 5%apr, Band Protocol(Band) 17%apr, Neo(Neo-Gas) 1.4%apr, Komodo(KMD) 5.1%apr, ALgorand(ALGO) 5.6% and Vechain(VET-VTHO) 1.63%. I personally have been staking AWC, Cosmos, Tezos, and Tron and I really like it....I mean come on who doesn't like free coins from staking? Come ad check out Atomic Wallet yourself. 


Other Crypto, gift cards, and money making oppertunities

Cake Defi  Deposit at least $50 or more of value and get $20 of Dfi free and if you use my referral code they add another $10 of Dfi as well so $30 of Dfi total

Celsius Network join using my referral code 1624420e59 when signing up and earn $50 BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! #UnbankYourself

Coinbase When you buy or sell $100 of crypto get $10 BTC Free use my referral link to sign up and we both get $25

Odysee Just like YouTube but you can earn crypto for your content and for doing things in the reward section$/invite/@cryptotabpro:0

Coin-Farm Buy birds and sell their eggs and get gold for buying more birds and gold for real money withdrawal multiple ways like BTC, PayPal, Visa, Payeer, etc 

BiSwap Dex the 1st dex on BSC with a three-type referral system. You can earn from liquidity, farms, launchpools, lottery, and competitions so come and check it out

Cryptotab Browser is better and faster than Chrome in my opinion and you can turn on the built in BTC miner on PC or mobile and get passive income in BTC absolutely free unless you want to purchase cloud boost etc with increases mining speeds and they have from X2-X15 cloud boost but you don't have to make a purchase to passively earn! The more referrals you get that stay active users will be in your mining pool and the more income you will get!

FreeBitco.In faucet

Cointiply faucet Roll faucet, ptc ads, offerwalls, and surveys to earn here

Fetch Rewards This is how I turn my receipts into free gift cards. Try it, we'll both get 2,000 points (Equivalent to $2) if you use my link!

Chime Banking We both will get $100 when you join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more within the fitst 45 days of enrolling. Plus, you'll get a $10 SpotMe bonus for 6 months!

CashApp Hey! I've been using Cash App to send and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and you'll get $5. When you get the app downloaded please don't forget to put WXSZCGQ in the referral part.

Oxygen Banking Hey, join me on Oxygen to open a account. We would each get $5 when you just sign up (takes a few minutes) and an additional $50 when you move your direct deposit over.

Bambu Join Bambu and receive $10 on your account within 48 hours and if you refer anyone you will get $15 per referral within 48 hours.

Honeygain Join with my link and get a $5 starting gift. You share the data you don't use and Honeygain encrypts all connections and never access personal data. Once you get to 20,000 credits you can cashout to either $20 PayPal or you can get $20 Bitcoin!

SoFi Mobile App Join me on SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade, and borrow- all in one app. Use my link to sign up and you'll get $15 cash rewards.

PipeFlare Faucet Earn ZEC and Doge. Earn ZEC playing games on site.




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Honest Reviews and Legit Paying Crypto Apps

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