Using Blockchain for your project? think again

By Emad | honarparvar | 9 Aug 2019

I love Blockchain, I have been its early adopter in my business and I love the child, crypto.

But every cutting edge technology should be taken in to your considerations very carefully, because they are almost always complex, sophisticated and resource consuming. simply said, they are expensive.

So if you are convinced, let's see when it is not the right time to use blockchain in your projects?
Don't use blockchain if

1. you don't need Tamper evidence.

simply said, you don't have a data, changing over time which when changed, you need to tell when and how it was changed or not changed.

financial systems like core banking need this very badly! So this was the core competency of Bitcoin over fiat.

But many other times a hosted database on your server answers your questions perfectly.

2. you don't need decentralization

If you trust clients/parties who are involved in data entry or data modifications made to your system, you don't need a blockchain.

3. you don't need maximum transparency

The visibility of your data is just a tool for building trust for your clients. it works great, but again, it takes a lot of hassle and effort which you may prefer to avoid if you really don't need it.

Blockchains are expensive to implement, develop and maintain. They are also slow and complicated. So don't just get in to the hype because they are trendy.

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