Chainlink, any high here is an opportunity to sell, to buy lower

By Emad | honarparvar | 1 Dec 2023

Chainlink is in an overall bull trend, and I believe it aims $25

but as for now I see this opportunity to sell at the supply zone: 14.88 to 15 USD 

and again buy back on one of the demand areas: first $14 and next $13.65

the first level has a 6% profit and the second level 8.6%

comparing with the risk of losing less than 1% of your asset buying back above the supply zone I mentioned, it's completely a reasonable trade.


look at the trend line in red; that shows a liquidity level above the demand zone, which makes it more probable to be touched by the price.

If you don't have Chainlink at the moment, consider it and study its fundamental and technical. I believe LINK will have a leveraged boost comparing to BTC Bitcoin and ETH Ethereum. not financial advise anyway :) just a proposal to study. we always trade on our own responsibility and decisions. 

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