So is Safemoon overtaking Dogecoin?

By Homega1.00 | Homin's Cryptoverse | 27 Apr 2021

So, its been a while since DOGE and SAFEMOON hit their all-time highs.

From the failed moonshot: The Doge Army intended to send or should i say, attempted to move Doge to either the 0.69 or 1 USD level on our 20th April, Doge dya, but unfortunately , they failed to do so. Safemoon though, touchedits all-time high of 0.000014 on Doge day.

ouch right? SHould we call it Doge day, or Safe day? ūüėā

But, Doge did hit its all-time high before Doge day, April 16th

Safemoon fell by 52.78% since it reached the lofty all-time high valuation while Doge declined by 41.19%.

Well, let's just wait and see what happens in a bit, yeah?

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