Grilled burgers

Beef Burgers with mushroom sasue

By papajohn231 | Home - Cooking | 22 Aug 2020

I love home cooking and one of my go to foods is burgers. For this write-up I will cover how to make a beef burgers with a bit of kick. Since I am a home cook and don't do professional cooking, I believe that taste of each individual is different so seasoning is always as per liking and keeping the meat well-done is what I personally like. 



1. Minced Beef
2. Green Peppers
4. Buns
5. Black peppercorn 
6. Red chilli pepper (optional)
7. Salt (pink-salt if possible)
8. Garlic
9. Green onions
10. Canned Mushrooms
11. Cream
12. Milk
13. Chedder cheese or or cheese slices
14. Cucumbers
15. Salad leaves
16. Totmatoes 
17. Breadcrumbs
18. Egg
19. Oil

Mushroom Sause:

For the sause I used canned mushrooms as the liquid in the can packs alot of flavor, and for home cooks that's something hard to get. I usually take good 2 to 3 table spoons of the liquid and heat in iron skillet. After its a bit warm I add milk and creme 120ml and about 1/2 cup of milk while mixing on low flame. You can add more or less if you please depending on how you like the sauce. This is followed by adding 1 tea spoon of salt if you have pink salt I would recommend that but add salt to taste, add crushed blackpeppers and stir until the desired thickness of the sause is reached.  Thats it the sause is good to go.


Beef Burgers:

To marinate the beef, I first rosted the whole blackpepper corn in a pan for about 7 to 10 mins, there after I crushhed the blackpeppers added salt and then used a mincer to mince the beef. For about 1 kg beef you need 2 tbs of curshed peppers ( I love a bit of spice in my life but season as per you need) half spoon of pink salt (regular salt will do also) along with 2 1 to 2 green onlines along with its leaves and 1 green chilli pepper (you can use green peppers) this just adds a bit of click. After mincing this all together I added minced garlic about 3 cloves and mixed them into the meat well.  Also add some bread crumbs and egg to make the patty hold. Leave this a side for a good 3 hours, I left it for over 7 hours just to get the flavor in.

To cook the burgers I made the patties and put salted oil on both sides to give it a good juicy flavour and cooked it on low flame on a charcoal grill. I am not too big on cheese so you can melt your cheese and add to the slice once you make the burger itself. You can also season a bit with salt and peppers while grilling the beef.

Thats it do let me know how you liked the burgers do give them a try. Also would you like me write more about food recipies here?

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Home - Cooking
Home - Cooking

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