The moon and stars combine.

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When I see the yellow tone in the world. I think as a kid my eyes would blacken to adjust. Why do our eyes blacken? 

I see black at black times between 8pm-7am 

Is this a coincidence maybe, I wanted to touch on a theory I have been working on.

If I said a dog sees green and blue

A person see red blue and green

And a butterfly sees red blue green and two other colors we as people can't comprehend 

Then what are those colors. 

I think this existence is a sick joke or riddle or even a nursery rhyme being played out.

If a tree gains leaves in the summer and sheds in the winter does that not show science that trees are cold and hot but because of seasons they cool down when we are cold and heat up when we are warm. 

In that case a tree has no leaves, naked in winter. And all leaves in summer, clothed.

take a butterfly for instance what do those colors represent if we can't comprehend what a superior creature represents. Red prime, blue prime, green yellow and blue. 

Yellow for instance is day. Or is it?

Take this saying to bring to perspective this riddle.

If day is dark. And night is bright and reveals light. 

Then our preconception of day and night is opposite.

Would we then be nocturnal creatures who don't know what nocturnal represents because we ourselves are more animalistic then we realize.

Yet, what to concieve of the butterfly that sees more?

People would say seeing is believing.

Would that not be our instincts then, color?

Not some prefabricated sight. It would be our ability to cope with modern life.

I don't know about you but last time I put red blue and green together it was blackish. Maybe even purple.

So our sun then could be viewed by our sight as that not divided by eyesight to just show yellow.

The sun is meant to be huge all eminating. A force that brings life to this world. How often do you look at a crop creating itself can't see it in black but during the yellow hours we see all thats been created.

So to stretch this further. A butterfly would see yellow just like us but would it be more Amber like the fires of the sun. We see life as growing flourishing one ember takes place of another. We are a sun looked after by another. Fusion based life as long as the forces of nature do not touch there isn't a reaction.

Or is that the nature of life to cause a reaction after another?

Then the second color water has been a mystery. It sways back and forth crashes into things. A lot of ways it is no different than air. But to see a wave of air like light and know heat and if a fire is to hot if burns and consumes. Than the second color would be a instinct to say this is ideal for life. Moments between air water and fire that make life within a sun feel good rather than consuming.

To show strength and ease as day and night.

Then again this could just be a black hole and the heat is thousands of planets turned to energy and the black the vortex consuming us.. 

Yet really if black and white were switched. Then the moon would be black yet appear white. And if you can see the yin yang in it then you are closer to seeing how the black hole swirls. 

To that I say don't eat more than you can swallow I want to remember a life as larger than life.

Than again it's more empty, and promises broken. Like dreams.

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