Morgan Freeman special on netflix

The Freeman special on netflix about creation and the cosmos was very insightful.. 

I am a person that basically thinks if all religions aren't combined than there isn't a real answer. And netflix made me a step closer to understanding. It went through Hindu Buddhists Mayans Christianity Allah and the Torah to find a link or understanding to all. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this because when it boiled down to it it seemed as though all where saying there is no end to any of this or you. Once created you find a way to grow again either by flower person anger redemption or harmony. 

I watched the last episode and the Hindus were going over the water spirit of there main river. And how it was captured by Brahma sent to shiraz and grew from that. Only thing is space is water it is the darkest ocean. 

But it did teach me one thing it said that before existence there was no concept of existence. 


To me this meant something and nothing. That if nothing was existence and something was created than nothing has to be boiled down to nothing to know what anything is. Or everything is something that needs to become nothing to find truth.

Closest my mind came was black and white. If white was nothing black was something and black creates colors and white does the same than. What are the purposes of black and white knowing we see a white light upon death.. So they say...

Black would be expansion and white would be condensing. If white made colors like yellow and orange than black makes blue and green. Together they create. But black wants more life and white wants more death.. here is my reason behind this

White if nothing boiled down to nothing would be clear something beyond white and black or color. And black if expanded would be colors like purple or pink ECT. 

So to conclude nothing of nothing is clear to me and something out of everything amounts to hydro or boyantcy in water.

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