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Church and 4th estate.

When did the church get militarized like the media?

The church has always been a source of comfort for social climbers orphans runaways and the weird janitor with social problems. 

Yet more and more individual church entities are being convicted of wrong doing. It's brushed under the rug after desensitizing the nation, only to have the weird socially awkward janitor become the one picking the youth to be stripped from their homes. Off here-say. 

Then it seems that teachers gravitate to churches to instill value to their children's life. Yet it's just another court ordered reporter profiling and judging in a supposedly safe place that's judgment free.

So how has judging another, the basis, judged on how much money you give to a preacher for telling you what a books value is and how everyone in that book has failed to live up to the words. 

The preacher is different though, "yes, I'm being judgy" 

It just breeds a mob mentality we are better, yet we worship liers, thieves, and murders. 

So can a church corrupt individuals. Can a church bann together steal a kid and turn them out through the system..yes, every week it can happen. While the paid staff turn a blind eye...

Why do church members get paid again?

The 4th estate is no different. Except they can overlook the janitor with carpets rolled up and a company truck on stand by.. 

It's worse than paying the ghetto ice cream man, for protection. At least then it was a man in a truck that said free candy not a corporation based off defaming and framing.

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