Astro physics explained in a joke

Castro physics is a simple concept if you look at what the world amounts to be.. take a solar system if you where in that system your job is to decide are you collapsing or expanding this is determined by looking in the ground or up at the sky. If you find a color concept repeating you probably have a good example.. like seeing a super nova with the naked eye one minute it's gone then twinkle it's back again. Then take a black hole or a nexus or even Inter dimensional nexuses.. simply make a poop joke at a girl and your the life of the party... I have a problem my body is being sucked in to your black hole you can't create a new universe like that can you. No not unless you stick it in my nexus.. I heard your black hole has a nexus point. Is it interdimensional? The interdimensional comment comes from the dirivitive for fire heat color and angle. An x. Then sleep is like finding a dark spot in time and mirrors are like parrelel dimensions. Fire can be used to cross dimensions. 

So I guess what I'm saying is if you screw a girl within a interparralel dimension in front of a fire while looking  in a mirror. Till you fall asleep. On a day you can see a rainbow.. Sorry your probably not coming home.

You will probably be looking at exit signs saying it's a new world every exit. And I'm in the multiplex trying to survive.

So I guess what would be created is a double helix two boys two girose and they might all be identical. The crap from those babies would create a gas cloud in space or a human wormhole.


And that's how someone reaches sausage space...

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