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By hodllady | HODLlady | 16 Apr 2021

I tend to think of myself as a cryptoidiot, but as I talk to my friends and family members I come to realize I probably know more about crypto than 90% of humanity. I am not really going to pretend to be any kind of expert, I am not going to offer advice, but I do like telling stories and I have stories to tell about crypto and precious metals and farming. Here is a little sample of who I am, how I write and what I write about:

Farming: I am a certified permaculture designer. We bought 17 acres with every intention of making a food forest. You know what they do not teach you about in permie class? Voles. Our first year, we planted 100 saplings. That means digging 100 holes, filling them back in, and carrying water bucket by bucket to 100 trees every day - we had no irrigation of any kind at that time. The voles immediately started killing them by eating a ring around the trunk. Sepp Holzer had a recipe for "bone sauce" - a mammal repellent. It was quite the endeavor, but I cooked myself up a pot of the NASTY stuff and painted all my little saplings with it. Well, the ones that were still alive. The voles DID stop eating a ring around the trunks! They dug down an inch and started eating a ring around the main root, just below the crown. The little bastards killed EVERY TREE we had planted. 

I tried putting in a garden, I am really a very good gardener. I am not any good at all at gardening with voles. I know some folks have a few voles and they go out and pump propane in the hole and have a grand game of "Caddyshack" and then they plant stuff and the stuff grows. Not here. This is a vole colony, a vole breeding center, they probably have little vole clones in vats down in those holes... At this point, I do not even TRY to garden. I can get fresh produce dirt cheap from my neighbors with MUCH less aggravation.

I also raise chickens and cows and guess what? Chickens eat voles. I eat chickens, And eggs. And beef. So I raise chickens and cows now, screw a bunch of trying to grow plants! My doctor put me on the carnivore diet for a while due to suspected food allergies and I found out I actually do really well with no veggies at all, so... Take that, you vole hoards! 

I am also a silver stacker, and the daughter of a silver stacker. My very favorite thing about silver is that I can make medicine out of it. I will be doing a post about that soon. I like gold, but there is not much I can do with it. I like all the PMs, but silver is really my thing. I bought my first ounce at $4 and I bought an ounce at $48 as part of the "Silver Vigilante" movement in 2011. Anything under $50 is still a bargain in my opinion. 

And crypto... I rejected bitcoin utterly. Could have bought it at $3 but it just looked like another fiat currency, and one probably rolled out by the CIA to snare the "rebel souls" into their new digital currency first. I still think that was the intent, but like the internet, I think cryptos slipped out of their control and have become a key to real independence. A lot of folks like "free market" economics, but if you cannot freely choose your currency you are NOT in a free market. The day we get people to walk away from the bankster controlled currencies is the day humanity sets itself free. 

Free. Not like "Gimme free shit" - free like "I will live by my own moral code." That is really the bottom line for me. As a kid I was taught this crazy notion that as long as I did not harm anyone, I could bumble along in this world doing whatever floated my boat. It is truly frightening and incredibly sad to see how much liberty has been lost in just one granny's lifetime... but this lifetime is not over yet, and grannies around the world are starting to get pissed off, and therein lies some true hope for us all. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my first post, and I look forward to getting to know folks in this community!


Pic is the view from my farm, and yees, we really get the most amazing rainbows you can imagine around here!






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crypto and metal lovin' granny


I am a chicken farming granny who loves precious metals, crypto and farming because they are all key elements to self-reliance. On steemit and hive I am fishyculture - if you have accounts on those sites, let me know and I will follow you there and here!

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