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BARTENDER! I'll Have A Silver Squeeze, Please!

By hodllady | HODLlady | 25 Apr 2021



There was a brief discussion about a "silver squeeze" a month or two ago, when the "Wall Street Bets" reddit group was making headlines over their Game Stop stock short squeeze. One might think the efforts both failed as they disappeared from the news as quickly as they appeared. But they did not go away. The WSB stonk folks are still at it, and a group that also supported a silver squeeze split off a new group called "Silverbacks." Silverbacks are stackers. Period. We do not sell silver for fiat, that would be stupid in our world view. I am not active in either reddit group, but quietly playing along. It would be great if you decided to play, too!

As noted, the media pretends that little silver kerfuffle was just a flash in the pan and it is all over now. I am telling you, it is just getting started. I was part of the "Silver Vigilantes" back in 2011 when Max Keiser tried to short squeeze JP Morgan and with NO media attention and with a fraction of the stackers out there today, we ran the price to almost $50. Now there is a LOT of interest in silver, a LOT of alt media attention on the metal, and a LOT of people doing BIG stacks. The pics at the reddit group are amazing... BIG stacks. There is an unprecedented opportunity to blow the lid off this contrived market coming THIS WEEK.

I am NOT a financial adviser, I am NOT a stock expert or a silver expert although I know a lot more about silver than the average bear. My daddy was a stacker, my spouse is a stacker, my kids are stackers... and NONE of us sell for fiat. The hubs and I joke that we are trying to stack enough to buy Jesus back from the Romans... stacking really is almost a religion for us. I have never seen anything like what is developing, and I would just hate to see this chance slip away. If you have done your OWN RESEARCH and are a silverbug, please consider making a purchase this week, the bigger the better. The goal is a full on short squeeze to drain the COMEX vaults, by May 1. If you can afford 1000 oz bars, buy from COMEX directly. If you cannot afford that (like me) Mike Maloney has set up a mechanism for group buys. His video is linked below, he discusses it there. If neither of those options work for you, just get PHYSICAL bullion off the market, however you can.


If you do not understand why the COMEX needs their shorts pulled down around their ankles, (if I could make them go cut me a switch off the old hickory tree first, I would...) here is a very good summary of their nonsense.


I wrote a little song in honor of this current push to restore silver to a legitimate market, but I cannot get my recording equipment to cooperate so if you would be so kind as to start humming "Paper Roses" in your head as you read...

You realize the COMEX is deceiving when spot prices do not reflect demand...
So they will pimp a new product for luring you back to a market they command.
Paper Silver, Paper Silver! Oh how real the value seems to be...
But its not even an imitation, there's no shine or ping with SLV.

They thought they could manipulate forever but they were wrong and soon the world will see...
The metal's gone to diamond handed stackers, all banksters hold is worthless SLV!
Paper Silver, Paper Silver! Oh how real the value seems to be...
But you can't even demand delivery, they'll just send you paper currency...

Paper Silver, Paper Silver! Oh how real the value seems to be...
But its not even an imitation, there's no shine or ping with SLV.



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