It's Safer To Switch To Brave: An Infographic Story in 1 Minute 26 Secs

Switch to Brave

A quick rundown of how I found Brave browser one year ago.

I'm pro-privacy. When I deleted Facebook, it was at that same time when I also ditched Google Chrome. I first stumbled into Duckduckgo Browser. Later, I found out that I can use DDG on Brave. Then that's how #SwitchToBrave happens.

I never look back since.

The following infographics are my personal creations through Canva. Most audience like visual presentation, because the information is much easier to read and understand. So, that's the way...


Ads Comparison





Because of inbuilt ad-block, Brave loads faster than Chrome and even faster than Firefox



Anonymous Browsing History Feature and Data is stored in your Local Computer

The average user might not know about the benefits of switching to Brave especially when privacy is the last thing that comes to their minds. For instance, when you tell someone to search something, Google Chrome is where they head to first. For the privacy-oriented users, they most likely have Firefox installed. 


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Brave is based on Chromium (an open-source browser project) the same as Google. It might be "yet another chromium browser" to some, but it's the reason why users will find it easier to use as it has some similar appearance with Google but with privacy features like Firefox and faster than Chrome. Although in Firefox, you need to install the ad-block such as Ublock and https everywhere. These are both inbuilt in Brave's browser. On desktop, Brave also has Tor Search Function as easy as 1 2 3. 

What's more? Users, creators, publishers, or advertisers can all earn BAT. 



Well, If these don't make you switch, it's a bummer. You won't be able to enjoy the luxury of private, free, and elegant ship on the way to a gigantic sea of data!

Anchor away! Aye Sir!⛵⚓


P.S: Some of the screenshots I tried to attach didn't work. It's about Coindesk website and interestingly, porn websites comparison. Curiosity overpowered me since I read a comment from a Reddit user that there are no redirects or ads on Brave when you're watching porn. I tested it and boom! It is true. 

PSS: I updated the title to follow the guidelines of the contest. #switchtobrave

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