What is Monnos, in 7 Questions

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 3 Apr 2020

After the total crash of all economies secondary to ‘’Lehman Brothers’ bankrupcy’’ in 2008, the blockchain and cryptocurrency ideas were created to increase the transparency of the companies, banks, P2P networks etc… Until 2020, we see lots of scam cryptocurrencies and we’ll see more in the following years unfortunately. But there’re lots of legit and new projects on the crypto world even most of us don’t know. And Monnos is the one that placed against the scams.

With the ‘’make your crypto work for you’’ slogan, the team behind Monnos aims to create a unique platform that unites all features in the crypto world. With this purpose, they developed mobile apps to reach everyone with only 1 click. With the ‘’Monnos App’’ you’re able to trade in other exchages like Huobi, OKEx, Binance; you’re also able to create and publish your strategies like in TradinView. Also the other functions includes synching with other people’s strategy for little fees and get rich together. There’re another part named as ‘’Crypto Savings’’ which helps you to earn without any concern about market situation.

I selected the title as ‘’Monnos Ecosystem in 7 Questions’’ so let’s start with the 1st one:

1. What is Monnos briefly?

Rodrigo Ubaldo Soeiro, CEO of Monnos, was one of the founders of the ‘’Allgo’’ which is a company to be created for bridging between the traditional companies and digitalized world. After that he took place in in the foundation of many companies which works in Brazil within the digitalized economy model. So he became more experienced in this world. After becoming more and more experienced, he realized the deficiency of a platform that enables everyone to use his/her crypto for any of the daily activities and to constitute the ''saving plan''.

In today’s world, cryptocurrency trading volume just reached some billions of dollars but it’s still so low that anyone with good idea and hard-working team can reach much more value for his/her job. So the idea was created and until now the team is working hard to realize this thought.


2.What is ‘’OLD’’, what ‘’Monnos’’ offers?

For more than 2 centuries, the top stock exchanges are available for tradind  like fiat currencies and ‘’paper-cash’’. But after centuries, the world totally changed and is still continuing to change. We came face-to-face ‘’2008 Global Crisis’’ because of the lack of transparency between banks, companies and clients. To solve this issue and to take actions in the world, ‘’Bitcoin’’ and other cryptocurrencies created. But we have still tons of problems such as ‘’high fees’’, ‘’needing more than 1 platform to use cryptos’’, ‘’the requirement for multi-wallets and multi-exchanges in 1 hand’’, ‘’the necessity for experts to follow and become richer with them’’ etc… We can further expand the list but the main features of Monnos mostly focused on these ones to make cryptos gain more functionalities.


Totally, they developed a mobile app firstly to meet all this requirements above. Within the Monnos app, all of the followings are classified into 5 different parts and each has specific functions to use. Let me show you them one-by-one.


3. What is Monnos App? How can I use it?

Monnos App is the main product for ‘’Monnos Ecosystem’’ to reach the clients all over the world. The app is available both on AppStore&GooglePlay and free to download. After the installation, you’re just 4 steps behind to use all functions. You should verify the phone number first, then e-mail. After this 2, you must set a username and ProfilePhoto. That’s all!


When you open the Monnos app after all this steps above, you will see the dashboard with 5 sub-parts on the lower side and 2 different symbols on the upper side. The upper is set to reach your own profile from the right and to contact with the live suppport from the left. The lower ones constitute the main features of Monnos. From right to left they’re named ‘’Strategies, Market, Account, Banking and Activities’’.

I must remind you that to reach all features of the Monnos app, you must complete the KYC level 2 which includes front and back-sides of your ID or passport and selfie of your face. After submitting the documents, it will be approved within the next 24 hours.

 4. What’re the lower sections? Why do I need them?

At the left hand side, we see ‘’Strategy’’ section. Here, you can publish your ideas about the future status of market and you’re also able to create a community for your ideas. The aim to create a community which follows your strategy is to bring the financial freedom into every single person you reach on Monnos ecosystem. Besides that, you can follow the expert’s strategies with the smallest fees you’ve ever seen for this job ranging from 0,002 ETH to 0,50 USDT. With this method, both you and your followers get higher levels of financial education and the leader will earn from these little fees.

One step ahead, we see ‘’Market’’ section. Here you can check the live stats about the market which includes 4 different pairs: BRL, USDT, BTC and ETH. Also you can set alarms for any of the currently supported currencies which are 21 in number.

At the middle, we see ‘’Dashboard’’ section. Here you can check all your previously deposited funds into Monnos app.


One more step to right, we see ‘’Banking’’ section. Here you can check the bank status about cryptocurrencies. With using this part, you can deposit or withdraw fiat currencies via using Monnos. For now, these functions are only available for all users of the Monnos app but the amount sent from the bank will be reflected to your Monnos bank account as BRL/ Brasilian Real. It means that you sent 50$ into Monnos banking section, you see it as 50$ worth of BRL not directly 50$. But after some time, the team is trying to fix it like you send 50$ and directly receive 50$.

At the most right part, we see ‘’Activities’’ seciton. Here you can see the notifications from your expert strategists, system messages and you can check the people who follows you.

The main feature of the app is Make-Open-Synch. It means that you can set orders and open trades at the same time with other followers of the same expert. So, all of you can earn from  same tactic.


5. What does ‘’All-in-One Crypto Account’’ Means?

As I said in the previous parts, the Monnos app is not for only having and storing your crypto assets. And all these features unite under the name ‘’All-in-One Crypto Account’’. In these part, we have again 5 different sections.


-- Multi Wallet: It’s little similar to traditional crypto wallets but it differs from them by ‘’strategy and daily use wallets’’ parts. Fort he strategy part, you’re already familiar with the details. But ‘’daily use wallet’’ let users to spend his/her cryptos in the daily shopping activities which will be available with the ‘’Monnos Debit Card’’.

-- Exchange Hub: Here, the app will check all global markets and find the best market for you to trade on. Also with these feature, many other cryptocurrency Launchpads will be done in upcoming future.

-- Crypto Saving Account: With cross-check of the upper part, the app will find the best market to trade on your crypto assets and let you earn by price differences between popular markets all around the world.

-- Debit Card: For daily use of Monnos App.

-- Synch Strategy: As I discussed earlier. 


6. Did They Created a Native Token?

The answer is YES. Monnos team has created the ‘’MNS Token’’ to realize all the features I said up to now. The MNS token is created on ERC20 platform and total supply is 3,5 billions of MNS. The allocation is planned in the picture below.

In total, more than 414 millions of MNS will be sold on IEO platforms. The users will be able to purchase MNS token at 0.017090$ per 1 MNS. First part of IEO sale had already finalize but on 20th of May, 2020 another and last IEO sale will take place on Latoken and Probit exchanges. The users who has completed KYC Level 2 on either these exchanges or Monnos app will be able to purchase some MNS tokens at the constant price 0.017090$ per token. The hard cap is stated as 7 millions dollars on WhitePaper but if it’s not reached, the remaining unsold tokens will be burnt to further help the HODLers.


7. Why Choose Monnos?


For the newbies, Monnos is helpful to trade and earn in the most secure way under the cover of the experts. For the experts, Monnos is helpful to gain more followers and spread their words into every single place of the world.

‘’We are solving two problems for two big markets at the same time. It’s a billion dollar market.’’


I tried to explain the Monnos ecosystem and the app for you. I hope that it’s helpful for you to clear your mind. You can search on net for further details. Besides that if you’re interested in to use the app and discover the remaining features, you can register here.



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