How GrafSound Aims to Solve Major Problems Facing the Music Industry and Its Reflections

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 20 May 2020

With the emergence of the digital world and the rub effect on the music industry with tremendous benefits from the conventional way; music was produced and distributed in years gone by, many upcoming musicians still find it difficult to tap into this new way propagating their talents to the world. 



The age of the Internet era also ushered in technical innovation and a whole new way to the traditional business model of the record industry which has however attended some recent changes. Nowadays, artists can easily produce music by themselves while making use of social media platforms such as YouTube to promote their work. However, these recent developments also facilitated copyright infringement. Indeed as we will see, it is relatively easy for consumers to freely access any digital music work, and the incentive not to do so is poor in a way that continuously jeopardizes the welfare of the artist. Music piracy is threatening the future of record labels, whose traditional business is being severely hit. 



According to Charlse Darwin's Survival Theory would suggest, Record companies are urgently making management decisions based on people’s new music habits. If the record labels want to maintain their leading position in the music industry, they will have to adapt to these changes, instead of trying to fight them. Such is the tight position the average musician now finds themselves in a music industry that is continuously undergoing drastic change in the race to serve the original music writer the best way possible.

Most Artists struggle not only to create their art but also how to get the right recognition, market strategy and copyright protection that benefits them. Upcoming artists also have to contend with getting the right promoter/producer and getting the best deals in terms of contractual agreements that will guarantee not just success in the ever unstable music industry but also monetary return. GrafSound aims to install the music owner (Musician, Music Creator) to become the main centre of attraction in a way that puts them in total control of the work done by helping to resolve issues plaguing the industry at this moment in time.


Illegal Music Modulation

When music is created by an individual and such assets get leaked in the production&distribution process, the quality of the music gets compromised so consumers usually end up having to deal with consequences. Due to such unplanned phenomena, music mroduction turns to digital sound sources and synthesizers rather than having actual instrumental recordings which are obviously more costly and result in overall creative activities becoming passive. These kinds of illegal leakages and prevention of copyright protection & piracy have not yet been equipped with protection measures and bringing many hardships to Creators.



Illogicality in ''Distribution'' Process

Illogical agreements with establishments with vested rights in the distribution process of music; in other words, a few monopolies of music distribution with their structure of distribution process, have become the hurdle for the creators. Total sales/profit reports are not transparently shared resulting in unclear confirmation on copyright fee collection and music distribution process in general terms.

Another unfair component is the payment period of sales. It is set that 3 months after the initial release of music which means even after 3 months, the creator still needs to invest without harvesting for marketing and dragging the investment period longer than needed. Furthermore, due to online structure of the whole process, creators are continuously exposed to personal information leaks, piracy and their creations (music) are also in constant danger of leakage before the official launch.



Protection of ''New'' Creators

Music from big distributors and label companies ranks in the Top Rankings on various charts and not allowing new creators in the Indie Scenes the opportunities to even debut. Structures of music platforms are not focusing on incubation of NEW artists, and the range of selection for consumers are not wide enough. This power oriented structure results in directing consumers to the small range of music which the structure intentionally created making the consumers thirsty for their favorite music genre and new music contents.

With the upcoming App to solidify the GrafSound platform which allows musician to compose songs, produce-promote song and gives access to upcoming artists to show their talent while having their right fully protected, it is indeed the golden era of music set to be powered by GrafSound. 



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