Crypto in Your Hand: Binance Card

Crypto in Your Hand: Binance Card

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 26 Mar 2020

‘’The mass adoption of the blockchain technology’’ is the main problem between most of the world’s population and cryptocurrencies. There are lots of ways to reach the main goal of Satoshi Nakamoto but we can’t catch the end of the transition from cash to crypto world. Even though, implementation of the blockchain industry has not been completed yet, we hear lots of news that makes us happy about this issue. Two days ago, 2 great companies of the crypto ecosytem has announced their partnership. (You can check the details here.) And Binance just published the latest product as BINANCE CARD.


On the evening today, we faced with the announcement page about ‘’Binance Card’’ on the related page. Binance, which is the leading cryptocurrency exchange for over 2 years, has announced a partnership between Brave browser to bring over 13 million Brave user into crypto world. Today, another great company on the marketing section-Visa and Binance introduces us the latest product of blockchain industry into our daily lives. Let’s discover it further…


Buying gifts for friends, paying the bills, ordering a meal or anything you imagine is now available for crypto payments. Up to now, you must withdraw your cryptocurrencies into a bank account and wait for payment approval. So it takes much more time than you think. With the Binance Card, the time will be deducted even to seconds. I can say it clearly because the video which is published by CZ shows us a secure and fast payment with the Binance Card:

Why Visa?

Visa is one of the most trusted companies among the merchants and clients. They have over 46 millions accepted places all over the world. So, in my  opinion, Binance team decided to further spread the crypto into lives and they realized that the fastest and easiest way comes from Visa partnership.


How to Use?

It’s not so clear how to use Binance Card globally but we can say that it will be as same as normal debit cards which are currently in use according to CZ’s video. The only requirements are to hold some BNB or BTC in your Binance account and to find a place which accepts crypto payments via this card.

Besides that, we understand that there’s a new mobile application named as ‘’Binance Card App’’. You must download it from markets, register via your Binance account and complete the basic identity verification. After all these simple steps, the Binance Card will be available for payments like a debit card.


To make a payment with your card, you must send some BNB or BTC into your registered Binance account which is also binded to Card app. Then, you can use it like always you do! The total amount of payment will be deducted from your wallet after payment.


Is it Available for Everyone?

On the announcement we understand that, the Binance team are working hard to make this card globally-used. But for the first time of use will be available on Malaysia, then Vietnam and after a certain time globally.


What are the Fees to Have the ‘’Binance Card’’?

Fort he regular debit cards, you don’t pay to access them. But you must the 1-year or maybe 6-month fee to use this devit card regularly in the future. For this situation, we have new options with the Binance Card.

To have Binance Card, users must pay one-time registration fee 15$ in total. After that, there will never be another fee about the Binance Card. With this unique feature, the Binance Card gets tons of users in my opinion.


How to Get Binance Card?

It’s so simple. Just click here, type your location and registration email. That’s all! When it’s available to use in your location, you’ll be notified via an e-mail.


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