By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 20 May 2020

Today, there's a notification from WhaleAlertBot about 20 minutes ago which indicates the first ever movement of 50 Bitcoin mined 11 years ago. When we check the transaction link, it's easily recognizable that the difficulty of this block is 1. So what does this mean? 


It means that there's noone or nothing that mines at the time that this block created. So we can make a simple thought that it's REAL SATOSHI NAKAMOTO. According to latest news of WhaleAlertBot, the receiver of transaction is CoinBase. So what does it mean? It means that, someone who mined one of the first Bitcoins is sending them into an exchange to sell. 

If we sum all these  simple informations, we get this: Satoshi is BACK after 11 years and ready to sell all he/she/they have, MAYBE.

this image shows that total difficulty is 1.

After the WhaleAlertBot notification, BTC price down 1.5% and it's around 9600$ right now. 

But also keep in mind that, it MAYBE doesn't belong to Real Satoshi Nakamoto because of intelligent idea on this tweet. Please comment your thoughts so that we can discuss this big news. It's also thereotically possible that someone can get the Private Key of the wallet and be able to move the Bitcoins, not unlikely but possible.

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