A Chance to Get 170$ and Share 138,000 KAVA from 2 Live Promotions from Huobi Global

A Chance to Get 170$ and Share 138,000 KAVA from 2 Live Promotions from Huobi Global

By insidetrader | HODL the Universe | 17 Nov 2020

Huobi Global, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, has launched 2 separate promotions to broaden its user profile. One of them is directly for new active traders and the KAVA-specific one is a limited offer. Let’s see the details…

Huobi Global is a leading exchange platform in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and it has 2nd most volume after Binance according to CoinMarketCap data in spot trading volume. With the varying degrees of deductions, the fee ratio of Huobi Global is between 0.021% and 0.098%. It can be achieved by holding the native token of Huobi, HT, or via activating the Point Card(s). The first option to get a chance to 170$ consists of some amount of direct USDT airdrop plus some amount of Point Cards which equals to 1 USDT fee in terms of trading any products of Huobi Global.


Option 1: Change to Get 170$ in Total

As ‘’Welcome Bonus’’, Huobi Global offers everyone to experience new models, options, and derivatives as well as some direct and indirect assets. Option 1 consists of 4 different steps to complete one-by-one. Firstly you must complete KYC verification as a new user. After 1st step, you’re granted a 10 USDT Point Card. Now, the remaining 3 options become available to complete and redeem your prize. They are depositing 100$ worth of cryptocurrencies in your choice to get 50 USDT Point Card, trading at least 100$ worth cryptocurrency to have a chance to get up to 60 USDT direct airdrop, and using ‘’Savings’’ portion of the exchange with again at least 100$ worth of cryptocurrency to get up to 50 USDT direct airdrop.


After all the steps are completed, you have a guaranteed 60 USDT Point Card to use for covering trading fees plus 2-100 USDT in your account. When you check the conditions part, it’s said that at least 1 USDT airdrop for each option to take. So that 170$ in total is about your luck completely. Anyways, it’s a good option for active traders who are not still interested in OKEx or Binance, or people who want to experience new instruments. Please visit the official page for more information. For those who want to learn more about Point Cards, please check the information page about Huobi Point Cards.


Option 2: Win KAVA by Joining Activities (138,000 KAVA in Total)

KAVA is the native token of Kava Labs and is already open for trading in lots of exchanges. KAVA Labs is a lending platform that allows users to get USDX after locking BNB as collateral, basically. Please check my previous post (The Role of ''KAVA'' on Cross-Chain DeFi Ecosystem and ''The Future of Money'') about KAVA and Kava Labs for more information. Here comes the prizes…


Kava is the first decentralized layer one hub for cross-chain DeFi applications and services and is dedicated to providing applications and developers with a permanent financial services infrastructure. The Kava lending platform and the world’s first cross-chain money market application HARD Protocol built on Kava blockchain combine to create a decentralized bank for digital assets connecting users with products like stablecoins, loans, and interest bearing accounts so that they can do more and earn with their digital assets.

138,000 KAVA is allocated into 3 separate campaigns for distributing among all valid participants. The first KAVA-specific campaign is ‘’Deposit to Win 28,000 KAVA’’. The second part of total rewards is allocated for staking KAVA tokens on Huobi Global for 12 days until the 30th of November. And the last portion is allocated for active KAVA traders on other exchanges. 2nd and 3rd campaigns have the same amount of rewards which equals 55,000 KAVA. Please check the announcement page for more information.

If you are not an Huobi Global user, it’s time to do it. For those who are interested, register Huobi Global now.

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