Hockey Saturday! 14 NHL games - Here are my WINNERS!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 8 May 2021

New York Rangers - Boston Bruins 

The Bruins have had the upper hand in these meetings, and they are playing their best hockey this season right now. Good timing for the playoffs that start soon... Meanwhile, the Rangers are still a bit shook by the Wilson incident and all that followed. Boston wins! 

Buffalo Sabres - Pittsburgh Penguins 

Sure, the Sabres can upset anyone, but the Penguins have won nearly all meetings, and they are playin well right now. Pittsburgh wins! 

New Jersey Devils - New York Islanders

The Islanders have won five out of seven in this series, but the Devils showed in the last game that they cannot be counted out. Still, I have to think of them as the underdogs here. New York wins!

Philadelphia Flyers - Washington Capitals

Back-to-back meeting here. The Flyers won last night. The Capitals will want to bounce and win here, especially since they are both chansing the Pens for first in the division, and are being chased by the Bruins. And I think they will. They are better than the Flyers this season, and last night's loss should be gasoline for them. Washington wins!

Tampa Bay Lightning - Florida Panthers

Florida derby! And there will be more of these! This is warm-up for the playoffs, where they will meet in the first round. But it's not a mere exhibition game. They are tied for points at the moment, and the one who comes up on top will get the advantage of having one more home game in the playoffs. In Florida, they allow fans, so it's actually a big deal. As for who wins, I think the Bolts have looked really strong lately. They lost last night, but they tend to do that when they don't play Vasilevsky. Not that I'd put the blame on the goalie for that loss, but Vasi tends to steal games, and I expect him to start in net tonight. In a game I feel could go either way, he is the tipping point for me. Tampa Bay wins!

Detroit Red Wings - Columbus Blue Jackets

Here's another back-to-back meeting. The Red Wings won last night and have won most of these meetings. I expect a close game, but the Columbus are on a slightly weaker trend, so I will turn them down here. Detroit wins!

Montreal Canadiens - Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs won the previous game. They pretty much ran over the Canadiens in the first period. The Habs somewhat recovered but where never really close. The Montreal injury list also got even longer, with Danault being the last casaulty. For tonights game, I lean heavy towards the Leafs again. They are a better team, and with all the injuries the Habs suffer, it will be hard for them to stand up to the onslaught. Toronto wins!

Ottawa Senators - Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg finally got the monkey off their back, and won a game. Now they want to build a trend in the opposite direction, and come in strong into the playoffs. The Senators have a really strong trend though, so it will be hard for them to do that. But in that last game, the Jets looked like their old selves, and most of all, their goaltending did. For that reason, I think they can actually do it. Winnipeg wins!

Carolina Hurricanes - Nashville Predators

The Hurricanes have already won the division. The Predators can secure a playoff spot by winning. I don't think the Canes will want to slow down though, as it's important to enter the playoffs with a good trend. And do they have one! They look great right now! Nashville are playing well too at the moment though, so I won't count them out, but they are definitely underdogs. Carolina wins!

Anaheim Ducks - Minnesota Wild

Back-to-back meeting. The Wild won last night, even though it was closer than expected. I think they repeat. Minnesota wins!

Vancouver Canucks - Edmonton Oilers

The Nucks won last time, but it was with koskinen in the Oilers net. He looked shaky. I expect Smith in net tonight, and I expect the Canucsk to lose. Edmonton wins!

St Louis Blues - Vegas Golden Knights

One of the back-to-back meetings. It was a close one last night, as I expected, and Vegas came up on top in the end, also as I expected. I think we will see something similar tonight. Vegas wins!

Colorado Avalanche - Los Angeles Kings

Back-to-back meeting. The Avs won yesterday, and while it wasn't as convincing as I had expected, I still don't see the Kings stopping them here. Colorado wins!

Arizona Coyotes - San Jose Sharks

And another back-to-back matchup! The Yotes won last night. The Sharks had them though, and pretty much gave away the win. I don't think they will do so again. San Jose wins!

In summary, my winners are:

Boston Bruins
Pittsburgh Penguins
New York Islanders
Washington Capitals
Tampa Bay Lightning
Detroit Red Wings
Toronto Maple Leafs
Winnipeg Jets
Carolina Hurricanes
Minnesota Wild
Edmonton Oilers
Vegas Golden Knights
Colorado Avalanche
San Jose Sharks


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