5 NHL games tonight, here are my WINNERS!

By Yttrandefrihet | Hockey Thoughts | 4 May 2021

Tonight, it's all out back-to-back meetings! All the losers are looking to rebound, and all the winners want to find the same formula again. This is what's coming up! 

New York Islanders - Buffalo Sabres 

The Islanders turned off when they had a lead. I think they will bring their A-game this time. They won't accept losing two in a row. And when they play at their best, they should beat the Sabres. New York wins! 

Boston Bruins - New Jersey Devils 

The Bruins are just better right now, which they proved last night with a 3-0 victory. I don't expect the Devils to turn things around here. Boston wins! 

Pittsburgh Penguins - Philadelphia Flyers

This one is tricky. It's actually the only game tonight that takes some serious thinking. The Flyers have won most of these games this season. And they won BIG last night. On the other, the Penguins have been the supreme team during the season, and especially lately. I lean towards that they will analyze what went wrong last night, and come out hunting for revenge. So even though they lost 7-2 and the dust has barely settled, I still believe in them. Pittsburgh wins!


Chicago Blackhawks - Carolina Hurricanes

The playoff chance is not mathematically gone for the Blackhawks, but in practice, they've been out of it for a while. They were not as inferior as the scoreline suggested in the game last night, but there wasn't anything there to suggest that they should be anything but the underdog in this game either. Carolina wins!

Edmonton Oilers - Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks are spent, they will struggle to win a game at all. Especially when playing back-to-back. And Edmonton have the right tool to punish a team with tired legs. McDavid! I expect him to score a lot tonight too. In net, I expect Smith to start for the Oilers, which means it will be even harder for the Nucks in this one. I could go on forever but, why? Edmonton wins!

In summary, my winners are:

New York Islanders
Boston Bruins
Pittsburgh Penguins
Carolina Hurricanes
Edmonton Oilers

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