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By ahmadmanga | Hobbiest GameDev | 15 Jun 2022

Lately, I'm trying to use my hobbies of art, storytelling and game development to make a passive income. For that, I needed to make products and have a way for funding them.

I've been looking for a way to sell digital downloads for a while now. After looking through many options I found that Koji is one of the most attractive Patreon alternatives for my projects.


If you're unfamiliar with Koji, think of a Patreon mixed with Link Tree. Koji is a "link in bio" service that supports many powerful apps. It includes everything a content creator needs and they can offer those to fans without having to leave their main page on Koji.

I was introduced to Koji lately, so I'm still learning it, but I plan on using it as a Patreon alternative. To fund my upcoming gaming Projects and maybe to sell my upcoming eBooks.

Click here for my Page: @ahmadmanga

Paypal isn't supported in my country which limits my online options. I can use cryptocurrencies though, and Koji has Bitcoin as one of the withdrawal methods. So it's perfect for me.

I plan on updating my Koji page and my website in the near future. You can access my website here:


The website is still work-in-progress. I'll use the time I used to play games for reviewing them to update my website.

On the main page, I talk a bit about myself and the type of works I make. But not the works themselves yet. I should add separate listings for my works in Arabic and English.

I hope you show me support as I focus more on creating new art!

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