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Get YOUR piece of the pi

By psy37 | HN3T | 3 Mar 2020


Pi is a new digital currency that you can mine (earn passively) FOR FREE with your smartphone. There is absolutely NO investment to make, it’s not even an option to invest. You just install the app and check in once a day to turn it on for 24 hours.



Now is the perfect time to start because the next halving will be at 10 Million “pioneers” which is what you will be when you join. The rate at which you can mine will decrease (possibly to 0) after the halving, but right now the amount of pioneers are still below 2 Million.

If you had mined Bitcoin back when it was in this stage, you could have obtained a whole bunch of free bitcoin which are worth almost 10,000 USD per 1 bitcoin today. So it’s the same idea here, if Pi’s value goes up you just multiply the number of units you have mined by the market price per unit, 16 pi at 10,000 USD per unit would be 160,000 USD (if it did as well as bitcoin)

Of course there is no guarantee Pi will do as well as Bitcoin, but it was developed by a small group of 3 who have Stanford PhDs.

screenshot_20200206-204815.png screenshot_20200206-204823.png screenshot_20200206-204840.png


You can’t join the beta without an invitation code, but lucky for you I got one for ya right here:

psy37 ]

(You can just click on the code)

Also, after you join you will want to share YOUR invitation code to increase your earnings.



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