Scams alert

By cryptage9 | hive | 2 Jun 2020

        Scams alert


A scams alert has been launched by Coincodecap, on two crypto one I doubt that people will fall on it (Flash), although the name could incite certain 😄But she’s like a little bit ignored and I think people are now a little bit careful with the cruptos which are badly placed


The other is (Neutron) besides there is tron in the name when there is tron it is better to be wary, I joke ...



In fact it is more the site which gives the info which I would like to advertise a little, because it is a fairly interesting site. As the name suggests, it is based on development code based on changes made to Github.
So it's very interesting because it allows us to see over the month or over a given period which blockchains are developing the most.
It gives us an orientation on concrete facts and for the macro economic analysis of a crypto, because the old crypto is easy, but maintaining an increased development is something else.
So voila, I invite you to go to see this site because my goal is to give you information so that you can go and see for yourself and have sources to be able to do your own research.
I prefer to give you a fishing rod to learn how to sin😁✌️




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